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Best PC Games For Kids To Play Right Now

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Time for some laughter and colourful charm with the best games for kids to play right now.

While the title of this video says that they’re for kids, that absolutely doesn’t mean these aren’t great games for adults too. They just happen to be fantastic family friendly games. Whether you’re after co-op fun for everyone, nostalgic remasters you can reminisce over, or online games that you know are safe, there’s something for all the family.

So, here is our list of the best PC games for kids to play right now:

Intro 00:00
1 Phogs 00:54
2 Among Us 01:55
3 Planet Zoo 03:02
4 Spyro Reignited Trilogy 04:06
5 Kill It With Fire 05:09
6 Minecraft Dungeons 06:09
7 Worms Rumble 07:07
8 Moving Out 08:07
9 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 09:04
10 Biped 10:01
Outro 10:57

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  1. no human subject research on this one…

  2. Worms Rumble look like Duck Game on steroids! Happy New Year folks!

  3. bro i am seaching for a stupid game without gore or guns that are not for and 8 yo kid or for an 18yo adult and its impossible to find

  4. Happy 2021, and keep making great videos !

  5. Worms Rumble look like Duck Game on steroids! Happy New Year folks!

  6. Most of these games are taking the wrong approach to game dev for kids…

    Bright oversaturated colours is fine for the under four age group…

    Pretty much everyone over that age wants to play adult games… And it's obvious… They are always impersonating adults… Stealing make up… Ciggarrettes… And resident evil…

    The approach you want to take is more along the lines of the new beyond Good and evil game…

    Photo real… Desaturated.. Cool aesthetics and interesting gameplay…

    You've got to give them what the adults have… Just tone down the drugs and violence…

  7. i cant install planet zoo it wont show up

  8. and alll of these are for money i have a windows 10

  9. Lol planet zoo IS NOT for kids. The game’s construction system is only one difficult aspect about the game. Even I haven’t fully learned the game mechanics yet.

  10. excuse me WHY IS AMING US in this list????

  11. Her: Games for kids
    Me as being a teenager:Wow I like them

  12. Teaching kids to glue toghether a lighter and a spraycan and burn stuff around the house seems like a great ideea 5:25 . Next.. please make
    a gun simulator where you can unlock the gun safe of the parrents and kill your sister … That would be a brilliant ideea too. Are u serious? You are promoting this as for kids not teens or older kids specifically.

  13. Planet Zoo is definitely not for children, that game is hella complicated.

  14. Please I need part 2 please 🙏 😭

  15. bro phogs isnt on pc, its on xbox and switch. nice clickbait title

  16. Philippians 4:6-7 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
    7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

  17. i am puzzled by this…. games for kids??…. WTF?!
    now, a game doesn't make people mass murders (despite what the media might say) but putting kids to play some of this violent games are not my best idea… damn.

  18. Is all this not free cuase im looking for some

  19. amongus for kids? a you f…. crazy ???

  20. Bro planet zoo is 45 dollars!! How do u thing a 9yr old can afford that?! We can get like 20 Barbie’s with that money!

  21. perfect video ! , and also … your voice is very sweet 😀

  22. so many games and so much useless talk while my 2year old plays Burnout paradise..

  23. planet zoo is for kids??? ok I see now that you are just choosing games based on graphic style.

  24. Thank youfor this amazing video!! I am downloading kill it with fire and fall guys!!

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