Best FREE Oculus Quest 2 Games For Kids New 2022 Edition -

Best FREE Oculus Quest 2 Games For Kids New 2022 Edition

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Youve just bought a Quest 2 VR headset for your kids this christmas, but what about those games to play on it? well here are a ton of free games. And ive even split them into social and single player so you as parents dont have to worry about your kids running into unwanted people. Enjoy!

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  1. I just want to say to the parents that gorilla tag is VERY toxic

  2. I have been playing gorilla tag for 2+ years and it's not for kids more like 14/16 because there's kids saying racist slurs swear words etc. So if I had kids I would not let Play Gorilla tag

  3. So what if you’re a slightly older kid of like let’s say 44? 😬

  4. Nice 👍🏼
    Thanks for sharing this friend


  6. Your channel is amazing and I love how varied but informative your videos are. Makes me wanna get a VR just for that haha

  7. I hadn’t realised that many of these were available without SideQuest – cheers for the link to send to friends & Merry Christmas!

  8. This game looks awesome and that rollercoaster seems epic.

  9. There looks to be some cracking games on show here sir

  10. Excellent presentation! The speedway game actually looks really neat!

  11. Awesome list. I'll be checking out some of those myself. I loved Mission ISS 🙂

  12. It seems cool but Roblox is a BIG contender 😏

  13. I will for sure need to check out some of these for my kids my daughter would love some of these ;-)!! Thanks for sharing!! Stay awesome!! See you soon!!

  14. cracking video as always my friend. Loving your growth! Great stuff! Keep it up!

  15. Some of those games look really awesome!

  16. This was a GREAT List, mate – unfortunately I've only got a PSVR Headset, but if I ever get my hands on a Quest 2 I think both Myself, and my Son, will definitely be playing a handful of these!

  17. I’m trying to get ancient dungeons but I can’t find it on search. Please help!

  18. Top vid thanks! What game would you reccomend for a 5 yr old where you don't need controllers. Her little hands are a little too Diddy for the controllers!

  19. Those kids in the thumbnail should not be playing vr 💀💀

  20. Just got an oculus 2 and you are my new hero! I just put nearly all of these on my list to try.
    Note some of these have been removed / not free anymore (dungeon one is out of beta).
    Some are only in “app lab” like harvest vr. So you have to scroll down the normal list to see it.
    First life seems to be missing and that one sounded awesome.

  21. My problem with letting my daughter play gorilla tag or rec room is all the foul language other users are using in voice chat. I know in gorilla tag you can physically mute individual players in game on the player list board but that’s a lot of work for every single time she plays it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  22. Remember how in all those game people curse

  23. Remove gorilla tag from the list. If you ask why… Your kid might learn what the N word is and might start cyberbullying other kids and people are nice but kinda mean.

  24. control your mouth if you gonna share kid stuff

  25. Great recommendations for kids who can get overwhelmed by it all is to place a chair in the play area

  26. Can you edit this?
    Gorilla Tag Is Dead And its not safe for kids anymore, Its full with tocix players

  27. Fun fact: agent simulation shows up as Asian Simulation on your chapters pages in bio…☠️ I WANNA PLAY!

  28. Gorilla tag isn't for kids most people cuss

  29. Let me rephrase that: think of it as roblox but in vr with a lot of little kids saying the hard R n word.

  30. With the meta quest 2 can I see my sons gameplay on the tv while he is playing ?

  31. Yeah my child won’t be playing gorilla tag. I landed in there last night. With no mic. A group of boys maybe 12-14 yrs old. One came up to me hot on a platform higher than me and started “yanking” on his gorilla wang as if he’s “shooting” on my face. This was 3am. Where are these kids parents? Oh asleep as they should be. But why tf do kids act like this? Parents teach your kids self respect and equally important respect for others. And if they can’t act right they shouldn’t be online playing with complete strangers


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