BEST Fishing Game EVER? Bass Fishing Game Boy! -

BEST Fishing Game EVER? Bass Fishing Game Boy!

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In this video, we take a trip back to 1997 to play the best fishing game ever, “Lunker Bass Fishing”! If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT down below if you had one of these games growing up! Thanks for watching!

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  1. I had one of those! Many many hours of play!

  2. I've fished for some years now…not frequently to be considered a real angler but enough to not be a total rookie. it wasn't anything serious. By that I mean I fished with whatever rod+reel I had, whatever line, whatever bait, etc… Point is I like fishing and you and ur vids have inspired me to take this seriously, as in buying the right rod+reels, lines, tackle, etc! I want to become a real angler! I'm proud to say that I was admitted into Texas A&M and will be attending this upcoming fall. It be pretty cool if you could show me the ropes by fishing together sometime!!!! keep up the great vids and Gig'em👍!

  3. i had one of those back in the day and still have it…as well as the version that came after that one

  4. man i had one of these!!!! i wish i still had that thing….

  5. It's everyday bro with Jonny Jon flow 500 fish in 6 mouths never done before, past all Googans man 20lb bass are next. Popping all my frog, He got the new rod, And he come with the Googans this is fishing with 10lb who the bassing you!!! You use its Andrew flair cause my rod stay popping said I catch baby bass but Englands not my city,!!! 2 months ago I was catching monsters with Jon b now I'm in the googan house it's me apbassin and I gonna fall off the boat, it's fishing everyday bro, Yo lunkers tv and fishing is ezzz peric is with me but I can hook the base, I fly my drone and man bass smell good. Hope you like my song lol

  6. I still have that game u suck I caught the lunker on the first time

  7. By the way in order to set the hook u have to set the hook like a real pole

  8. I had that thing too! It was nearly impossible for it to recognize a cast or a hookset but that didn't stop me from trying!

  9. Was $14.99 at Walmart in 1997.  Had it beat by the first weekend.

  10. wish I had this game it's way to hot for me down here in Fort worth Texas

  11. That infomercial was great! Maybe you've got a future career on the shopping channel, LOL

  12. So what is the real best fishing game of all time?

  13. I had this game when I was a kid!! Literally played it ALL the time. Had it taken away by a few teachers lol.

  14. Heyyy i remember these things, had one when i was a kid!

  15. bro i actually have this exact game had it since I was a kid
    dope affff fr

  16. Hahaha dude it actually looks kinda fun lol

  17. This is pretty late but I am pretty sure I saw you @ Studio Movie Grill in Tyler a couple weeks ago great video btw as always 🤙🏼

  18. 1) I played that thing like crazy in 99.
    2) I live in the Cedar Park area and have trouble finding good publicly accessible bank fishing. Any good spots or tips?

  19. I was in t-chizills cabin on the 3rd week

  20. Tyler have u done a now bass react to bluegill? It would be a sweet video

  21. it's a 40$ game I was looking for one on amazon

  22. does it come left handed????🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂

  23. Why do people make fun of nickel back. I don't understand.

  24. What Pinecove camp is that? I'm staying at the Timbers one in Tyler, Texas next week.

  25. i have the fly fishing version its confusing lol

  26. Great Video I want you to know that you are an Inspiration to all fishing youtubers

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