BEST Fishing Game EVER? Bass Fishing Game Boy! -

BEST Fishing Game EVER? Bass Fishing Game Boy!

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In this video, we take a trip back to 1997 to play the best fishing game ever, “Lunker Bass Fishing”! If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT down below if you had one of these games growing up! Thanks for watching!

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  1. who else though after the one broke off he was gonna throw it n the water

  2. Dude your vids are so cool just subscribed could you subscribe back it would really help i'm a yung tuber thank's

  3. Haha my grandpa had one at his house and I used to play with it all the time!

  4. I had that same game and loved it…that game was way ahead of its time

  5. i loved that game. i begged my mom to buy that for me.

  6. my dad has one, but i don't know how to use it lol

  7. Try playing sega bass fishing on dreamcast

  8. Lmao my friend Rachel brought that to school this year and we were Juniors

  9. My dad used to hand me this on road trips 😂

  10. I'm commenting on this video because it takes time up. you ask, "from what" I respond, because my Wi-Fi is down and I am using Verizon safety mode. aka 3g. yes. I am using 3g internet. i have to watch videos on 480p buffer every 3.5 seconds.( yes. I got so bored, I counted.) And these buffers don't last a second, they last to amount of Time it took to write this comment. And it still hasn't loaded. ohh shit there it goes.

  11. i love that game. i got the 25lber in that game. and you need to flick it hard to cast really far and setting the hook.

  12. You should head to mille lacs, now the 1 bass lake in the country

  13. that was jeff foxworthy on that cover. but yes that's the best fishing game so much fun growing up

  14. Tyler were do you live looks like a good fishing spot

  15. vintage? vintage? dude are you calling me old im only 25 i can remember playing this game when i was a kid

  16. I though he was going to rage and throw it into the water instead of casting

  17. bahahahaha thats the fancy one! i had the basic one they made before that one! it was great!!!!!!

  18. I had one for bill fishing; it was always a lot of fun.

  19. That is not that old in the video I'm looks that old

  20. ha! had this game as a kid and would always play it during road trips. I can't believe this thing has resurfaced, I would love to play that one more time in my life for nostalgia.

  21. What is the name of this fishing game and where can I buy it?😂

  22. I have one now! hold down the middle button and cast overhand. keep your thumb on the button and cast. ill upload how to do it.

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