BEST Fishing Game EVER? Bass Fishing Game Boy! -

BEST Fishing Game EVER? Bass Fishing Game Boy!

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In this video, we take a trip back to 1997 to play the best fishing game ever, “Lunker Bass Fishing”! If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT down below if you had one of these games growing up! Thanks for watching!

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  1. I'm 27 I had this game when it first came out it was great

  2. How do you guys like this kid he tries way to hard

  3. I have that and play it all the time😂😂

  4. I was just playing that the other day and caught a 25lb

  5. completely forgot I had this till this video

  6. Thought for sure you would have thrown it in the water

  7. I need to find mine, it's an awesome game. I got that for Christmas years ago, it kept me in my 40s entertained.

  8. The price on amazon for That thing is 100 to 200 dollars you found a great deal


  10. I had that 20 years ago and I caught a few lunkers

  11. Tyler's doing video games. He is officially FazeTyTy

  12. These fishing handheld games are so under rated they do a much better job at emulating the sport ( and yes fishing is a sport) they're based than any modern team sport console games

  13. I would play this all the time as a kid. I'm surprised you found this at the Goodwill, IN PACKAGE, for $2.

  14. You weren't fishing on a point thats why you didnt get any lunkers. haha

  15. Yeah I remember being a kid when this came out. My Dad purchased this game, I sat in his lap watching him play it an he set the hook, an smashed the screen on my nose an it started bleeding lol good times.

  16. I had one of those when I was a kid! I loved that thing!

  17. When your watching a video of a dude playing a fishing game while your next to a nice trout river hearing the cascades

  18. I had this. I loved it. I took it with me everywhere I went.

  19. “Old, vintage game..” damn….that was a kick in the nuts by a young lad I don’t even know. Lol I was 10 when this came out. Many fat lips from setting the hook a little to hard. Lol

  20. Does anyone remember a game similar to this that had a fishing pole that would start moving when you hooked a fish? I spent hours playing that game as a fishing obsessed kid!

  21. I loved these. I'd still play them, they're very fun. More real than a damn PC fishing game!

  22. i foumd this in my grandpas storage and i realized it looked like a reel but then i relize it was a game and i love fishing

  23. These games are so good. Best little handheld LCD games you can buy.

  24. It's funny you said "Nickelback" instead of "nickel black."

  25. I just found one at goodwill in Missouri for 3 bucks also!

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