Backstreet Boys - Quit playing games (Live @ Bravo Super Show 1998) -

Backstreet Boys – Quit playing games (Live @ Bravo Super Show 1998)

Janie Keys
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Backstreet Boys – Quit playing games (with my heart) on the Bravo Super Show on February 06, 1998 (in Germany) with a short appearance from AJ (he was ill on this day)


  1. nickkk te amoo eres de demaciado bello y talentoso umm muero de amor *.*

  2. nice performance. : D
    are there other songs from this show?

  3. oh my! Brian looks like Mark Walhberg from back in the days. wow he's so cute.

  4. i think this shows how commetted AJ is to the boys an his fans…cause even though he was really sick he flew all the way out just to take like 20 ssec. to say hey…he is amazing you can tell how bad he feels listen to his voice what little voice he has when he says hey…he is amazing…I LOVE HIM FOREVER

  5. seeing backstreet boys live back when i lived in germany was freaking INSANE. but then again when i saw them in was 2005 & in germany..1997. so, it makes a lot of sense. 😛

  6. "Sie werden sich nicht trennen – keine Sorge!" – die Schlampe hat uns alle verarscht!

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