Backstreet Boys Disney Concert 1999 - Quit Playing Games -

Backstreet Boys Disney Concert 1999 – Quit Playing Games

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NO 4 of BSB Disneys concert in 1999.


  1. I kno wat u mean lol i still have a crush on him lol he looks sooooo hott lol

  2. I went to this concert. I was 13 at the time. this song, All I have to Give and I Want it That Way were my favorite songs.

  3. Holy shit!! This was 10 years ago!!!!

    I touched nick carters hand a year ago!!! It was good, yummy!! lol! 😀

  4. so bad, baby…you better…DEJA DE JUGAR CON MI CORAZON….:(…:(

  5. man these were the days when disney was the bomb!

  6. dang I was like 13 when this concert came on!! and I was just as crazy as I am about BSB!!! yes and I miss the old Disney days!!!

  7. they show me and my sister at 2:01, damn I remember this! AJ kept on coming over to our side, fun times!

  8. i love BSB even though Kevin is not in it anymore but they did say that he could come back anytime he wanted oh and i can't wait for their new CD coming out in oct

  9. wow, i look at this, and remember how music USED to be-it seems like people used to actually think, and spend time and effort creating a song, and nowadays they just pull something out of their butt, hoping that it'll be the "next hit", when, honestly, it's not that great at all. watching this also makes me miss the old disney channel 🙁

  10. I LOVE this!!!

    I recorded it on one of those vhs things long ago… i should still have it somewhere. I remember taking it on vacations with me and everything… i was obsessed!!

  11. Wow this is great. I was 9 back then lol lots of memories.

  12. yeah "sometimes I wish I could turn back time" to the 90's!!! miss those good ol days =(

  13. Brian is EXCELLENT!!! I LOVE his voice. Keep rocking BSB!!!

  14. @xDreamStreetAreHotx

    what do u mean nick is innocent?

  15. how can these guys claim they were different from New Kids on the Block?
    Look at this! Is the same kind of thing,the same kind of performance,it's EXACTLY the same thing New Kids did in the late 80s and early 90s.Well,at least it was original back then.

  16. There was a girl band singing a live concert with youngstown but I can't remember the band name, can someone tell me?

  17. i used to listen to them all the time and i love them<3

  18. I'm not gonna lie… that was a pretty clever move in the beginning. lol

  19. Nick is one of my favorite backstreet boys him and along with Brian I love those but Nick is just so cute here

  20. How Can I Download This Show!!??
    How Can I Download This Show!!??
    How Can I Download This Show!!??
    How Can I Download This Show!!??

    * In HQ. because i used a program called '' Youtube Downloader'' But the Images and Sound is not so good…


  21. @MakeupMiranda997 ya clearly all the good looking guys were around when we were babies and all the good artists 🙁 mark walhberg, donnie the backstreet boys, your right we missed out hahah

  22. @MakeupMiranda997 lmao dont wry i dun think ur weird i have a crush on donnie and mark and im 18 soooo no worries

  23. I was 12 when this came out….I just turned 24….woah

  24. @bsbxtinabritneyfan11 Amen to that!! this totally takes me back!

  25. BSB and Disney, it can't get better than this !

  26. @MariahHart16 OMG are you serious?! Your COMMENTS is like HALF off all the comments,. You keep spamming so much it's annoying.

  27. WOW do I miss the 90s. How amazing were these guys?!?! And what I love is that they are still together and they still sound just as fantastic! 🙂

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  29. Nothing like some Backstreet Boys during the corona virus 🦠 pandemic great entertainment

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