ASMR: Sound of games 5, controllers and Game Boys -

ASMR: Sound of games 5, controllers and Game Boys

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A follow up to my previous game controller ASMR:

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  1. I dont think they meant literally go slower on the controllers, just keep fiddling with the controllers for longer than 30 seconds 😛

  2. always i thought you'd make asmr videos (even the videos from your main channel they make me feel asmr hahaha ) great job, keep going on and greetings from Argentina !

  3. Sound of games 2 was fine for me. I mean, if you are a gamer, obviously you move your hands fast cuz that's how gaming works. But this is just my opinion. 😀

  4. did any one else hear his stomach growling

  5. I like to imagine when I listen to this that they are playing video games, generally with some you want to go slower playing with the buttons to make it sound just like your relaxed. Play with other controllers like its a little faster of a game but don't be too rough with them. I love these videos and they are amazing but I'm just explaining my personal feelings about listening to this. Keep it up 🙂

  6. Amazing!! Never knew about this! Subbed!

  7. Do u collect old controllers if so then that is cool because I rarely find people that collect anything

  8. Wow thank you so much for this video and your voice is sooo soothing and beautiful ❤️

    Screw the haters saying it to fast! You had so many and would of taken you hours if you went slow 👌

  9. im not trying to be mean but i think you forgot the audio..

  10. I Got The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer Advertisement.

    It's Really Good.

  11. Stay away from you tube and talk right I know that's not how you talk

  12. awesome ASMR video but the fan in the background…. or just the white noise. it kind of drowns out the controllers since you're holding it a little farther away from the mic this time

  13. Hope you fuckin buy a fuckin mic man bc its to loud and to fuckin shit man

  14. I wouldn't be surprised if he put in the Konami code at least once in the video lol

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