Analogue Pocket Is Out! Let's Play a TON of Game Boy, GBC, & GBA Games On It! - Livestream -

Analogue Pocket Is Out! Let’s Play a TON of Game Boy, GBC, & GBA Games On It! – Livestream

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The Analogue Pocket is out today, so let’s celebrate by using it to play a ton of games a ton of games! Probably including Super Mario Land 2, Wario Land, Kirby’s Pinball Land, Game Boy Camera, and who knows what else?! YOU GET TO CHOOSE
Video by: Andre
Thumbnail by: Tom


  1. I know this video has been out for a little but I have a quesiton. Does the dock connect to a capture card or pc or something like that? I really want to know how he is streaming the games! I would love to stream old school pokemon on twitch. But on my official games instead of emulator

  2. My Gba died yesteday. Can i continue my pokemon emerald save on cartridge on the analouge pocket? Or does ot use other saves o the system?

  3. Wow the gameboy camera at the beginning looks really cool and old fashion to

  4. I'm pretty sure I put the reminder on to watch this but sadly I missed out. Oh well. Glad it's uploaded! 😎

  5. got my order in for one. emulation is great and all, but it doesn't compare to playing your own physical cartridge.

  6. How come I didn’t here about this till today

  7. i seriously pray for a whole Game&Watch Collection on Switch. Heck, even add new games with modern graphics and Nintendo IP’s. It’d be the greatest thing ever for me rn. Love those little games.

  8. Yea I still have my Kirby pinball and dk94. Love my game boy stuff haha

  9. Can you make a video How to use GameCube Link Cable on Analogue Pocket?

  10. How long is it gonna take until the actual (European) release?

  11. The scrolling is so smooth! I think that’s where those 1600 by 1440 pixles shine. Maybe even the reason why they went for this high pixle count, cause you don’t need so much pixles for these games. Entertaining stream!

  12. I’m curious, can Nintendo, Sega or any of these companies come after the people that made this for making an unofficial product that plays their games?

  13. I almost preordered one yesterday. But 220 dolars plus 35 os shipping is just too much for what is essentially a glorified GBA SP

  14. Great video… watching it still 😛

    I wonder who in Nintendo will buy this and be greatly impressed with it.

  15. Secondo voi comprare bayonetta 1 e 2 nel 2021 è da fare?? Perché vorrei comprarli ma non

  16. This is amazing! I'm just now hearing about this. Is the Analogue Pocket out yet? I read on the website's FAQ page and it had something on there about fulfillment groups not releasing until 2023.

  17. Does that thing have shoulder buttons? It looks amazing not going to lie.

  18. Okay, you don't just show N*SYNC and not get to it.

  19. Nice console but too expensive ! I prefer original console with Screen Mod IPS LCD OSD

  20. Looks like the various Everdrives work 🤘🏻 would of loved to get one, maybe in 2023 lol

  21. I've not seen a greater push for a single product, to date, on YouTube. Something doesn't add up – especially the price.

  22. Can anybody Tell my why they don't send analogue to Poland?

  23. This is the pocket content i've been waiting for! Love seeing those block pixels in high deff! Lol

  24. disliked for your halfwitted pluralizing of each person

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