Adding a Rechargeable Battery to your Game Boy Color! -

Adding a Rechargeable Battery to your Game Boy Color!

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This one took a bit of work! But adding a rechargeable battery to your Game Boy Color is absolutely worth it. Let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments! I try to always respond to everyone. Feel free to just say hello. 🙂

Here are the parts I used:

TP4056 Charging Board:

Micro USB Connector:


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  1. What wires did you use? Where can i acquire some because idk if the charging board comes with any..

  2. Reallyyyyy cool!! An extra could be to extend the led light that indicates its charging to the outside of the gameboy!

  3. Can you still use AA batteries with the usb kit mod cause I have aa rechargeable batteries

  4. I LIKE THIS VIDEO!! YOU ARE VERY COOL PATIENCT ARTWORK CONSOLE MODDER . Me too I care how the results will be and put effort when I mod game gears with mcwill screen

  5. This is a really good tutorial! I'm looking into things to do as a beginner Gameboy modder and this seems perfect. I was wondering though, would this method work with USB-C? Does the charging board you used support a USB-C adapter, or would I have to find another board? (USB-C is used for nearly everything nowadays and I think the convenience would be awesome to have.)

  6. tp4056 can get quite hot. In GBP, I limited the battery charge current to reduce heat.

  7. Wait. 2 AA batteries are around 3V I believe. Then is it ok to use a 5V charging board?

  8. Hi Nice video. Whats the tool name that removes de soldering? 🙂 thanks

  9. que legal também quero um caregador pra game boy

  10. Hey buddy good video I copied all the parts you used but before I do it can this be done to the original game boy dmg? I have already back light modded it don’t know if that makes a difference I would think it would just be the battery terminals that are important? Cheers mate.

  11. Can you do this with the freckle shack backlight mod?

  12. Next gameboy color with touch screen. I'm serious, you can do that.

  13. ¿Can you make 3D print game boy cases?

  14. could you not get a chip that'd accept the power port voltage? If you could, I'd think you could just use the power port and its plug. Less cutting… especially of the aesthetic kinds of cuts.

  15. im not liking this guys choice of tools, desoldering pump instead of braid, conical solder tip instead of chisel… lol

  16. I love to watch your videos, they're so satisfying for ma and there's a lot of things to learn from…. I did a great job but i have a little remark about the battery indicator wich is an important part.

  17. Something unrelated to the video. I was just as skinny as you, eating doesn't really help but working out does. At least do 30 pushups when you wake and before you go to bed. This really helped me and also makes me more productive.

  18. Hi,

    Thanks for the video!!

    I had to use a Diode on the positive output to the GB. (I am not an expert in these matters)
    Without the Diode the voltage was too high for my backlit screen. Apparently the Diode serves 2 purposes, ensuring voltage doesn't flow in the other direction but also decreases the voltage by about 0.7v. Taking into the 3.3v range the components expect from 2 AAs. Works perfectly now. Cheers.

  19. So if you were to entirely skip the usb process, and wanted to use the original DC-3V-in cord. Would you be able to not remove that piece and just add the battery wires to the battery terminals on the motherbored? Would that recharge the battery or no?

  20. Hey Sean, The desolder braid doesn't get the job done for removing the power terminal. A solder sucker is definitely the best option!

  21. How to recharge a game boy in 1 step. ReChArGeAbLe Batteries

  22. Great modification video you really are inspiring me thanks esotericSEAN

  23. I really really like the idea of a rechargeable battery built in – but –
    For me it defeats the point of having a portable handheld, I like keeping a stash of rechargeable batteries in a small bag. If you're on a long trip, you could be screwed!

  24. Ultrasonic cutter would make easy work of that plastic.

  25. Can you do a LCD screen and rechargeable battery?

  26. Nice video! kinda bugs me that you dont use flux, but it works so that's all that matters

  27. was anyone else scared when this guy started talking?

  28. How much for a retro with rechargeable battey

  29. You should add a breakout for the charge controller LED so that you have external confirmation of status.

  30. Hell yes I want one were can I buy one my new friend?

  31. 8:09 anyone see Roberto from Futurtama when he mentions the screw posts?

  32. FYI NiMH batteries use mAh rating too and are available in 1200mAh up to 3000mAh per battery. Theoretically since they are in series the capacity remains 1200-3000mAh

  33. Nintendo’s Lost version of the game boy colour! 😂

  34. upgrade tip: using acrilic or soldering new LEDs for the charging port so you can see when is fully charged or not

  35. You can be a chad if you work out once a day for a year

  36. Hello! I am a super novice when it comes to electronics, circuitry, and wiring. I am currently purchasing all of the materials needed to mod my Gameboy color. What types of wire are you using to make these connections?

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