Adding a Rechargeable Battery to your Game Boy Color! -

Adding a Rechargeable Battery to your Game Boy Color!

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This one took a bit of work! But adding a rechargeable battery to your Game Boy Color is absolutely worth it. Let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments! I try to always respond to everyone. Feel free to just say hello. 🙂

Here are the parts I used:

TP4056 Charging Board:

Micro USB Connector:


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  1. Hello! I am a super novice when it comes to electronics, circuitry, and wiring. I am currently purchasing all of the materials needed to mod my Gameboy color. What types of wire are you using to make these connections?

  2. Anyone doing this… get your stuff from boxypixel if it's in stock. They have everything you need instead of guessing with shady Ebay links. I found out the hard way

  3. Does anyone else notice that it sounds like he is working in a metal can? Love the video, but some soundproofing might do some good!

  4. i put a hole in the battery cover and filled it with hot glue. it allows to check if the battery is done charging, just a nice touch to finish it off

  5. telment bien que jai envi d'en achter

  6. How mug would u charge to have a battery installed

  7. This is very interesting, Hey can the same be put in a gameboy pocket?

  8. Can this mod work also for a GameBoy Pocket? Assuming I get a battery that fits.

  9. Hello. I want know how i see a % battery charge?

  10. Where did you get the clear case for your gameboy color?

  11. It would be cool to unsolder the LED Charging light, put it where the power light is and add a point where it shows how much power is left.

  12. With the midnight gameboy I extended the LED off the charge board ft mine so to you can see when it's fully charged it's a nice touch to add a 3.3mm led fits straight in the old power jack

  13. Can a battery like that be added to a dmg game boy?

  14. Hi ! Thank’s for your video !
    Just have a question, how do you know when the charge is complete ?

  15. Hi, out of curiosity couldn't you have just sacrified a usb cable and a gameboy charging cable and spliced them together to retain the OEM female charging socket with the TP4056?

  16. It is possible to buy those modded gameboy color from you ? I want one like this rechargeable

  17. Do u know they have game boy emulators and ps1 ps2 and ps3 emulators even PSP fucking waste of time maybe money too

  18. That aluminum colored gameboy is beautiful!

  19. Do you know voltage the li-ion batt will discharge to before the Gameboy shuts off? It can be dangerous to deplete a li-ion too much and then recharge it.

  20. wooow! I want know ho to do this on my =(.

  21. I own the same color game boy how much would you charge to do this id send mine to you thank you

  22. Your voice is so perfect to become a teacher, can you be my father?

  23. Das ist PURER PFUSCH und kann unter Umständen beim Laden zur Explosion führen !!!

  24. This is awesome. How can I use this board to mod a dmg with backlight and bivert?

  25. IMO that's a dumb idea… AA batteries are why the Game Boys are so great. You can find AA batteries 30 years later – and even better than before (Eneloop Pros are an awesome set of rechargeables!). Proprietary batteries will eventually die, however, needing replacement. I guess it ain't too bad with a mod, as you can always mod again, but with stuff like the PSP – good luck finding a nice batterie that matches the original Sony longevity (cheap shite dies on me within a year…).
    Just use rechargeable AAs and you'll enjoy the Game Boy consoles for decades. AAs will always be there.

  26. @esotericsean do you sell precut gba shells to install a ips screen?

  27. TIP: The charger board you used has 2 pads right next to the micro USB connector. Those are for connecting it to 5V using two wires! You don't really need to remove the connector from the board!!!

  28. Muy buen trabajo el que estás haciendo amigo mío, eres bueno, yo tengo una Game Boy Advvance, con pantalla ÍPS Y SE VE DE MARAVILLA, YO ESTOY MUY CONTENTO CON MI GAME BOY CON PANTALLA IPS.

  29. Vaya como mola, tienes una Game Boy con pantalla IPS, y ahora le pones una batería recargable, eres único amigo mío.

  30. Why remove the port on the board? You could leave it on and just wire your external port to the inputs of the board near existing port

  31. Cool. I'm going to try this on my Gameboy Advance. Thanks. Also as said before, NEVER cut two battery wires at the same time!!

  32. Hey Sean, did you have to add a Diode to the pack somewhere? or do you just not charge and play at the same time? is it not needed when adding a re-chargable pack to a GBC? thanks for the help!

  33. Keep up the great work. I enjoy your videos and commentary. Take care.

  34. Hi Sean, what guage wire did you use? I have some 28 guage wire I am using for other projects and it works fine, but I think it might be not enough for the power that the GBC has. Thanks!

  35. I purchased this exact battery that you recommended l, and it was way too big. Could be a manufacturers defect. Not sure. Anyway, I think I’m gonna go for 1200mAh instead.

  36. Have you encountered any heating issues? Would a third party regulator board be necessary?

  37. I wish I was brave enough to do this lol 😅

  38. I'm really curious if that clear rubber gameboy color protector fits on the boxy pixel shell. I know the battery bulge is a bit more angular on the aluminum shell to fit the rechargeable battery pack, but those would be perfect for it.

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