Adding a Rechargeable Battery to your Game Boy Color! -

Adding a Rechargeable Battery to your Game Boy Color!

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This one took a bit of work! But adding a rechargeable battery to your Game Boy Color is absolutely worth it. Let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments! I try to always respond to everyone. Feel free to just say hello. 🙂

Here are the parts I used:

TP4056 Charging Board:

Micro USB Connector:


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  1. Would a 3v voltage regulator be better then the 5v? Just thinking game boys are 3v might blow fuse?

  2. Please could you share the exact drill bit you are using for the dremel? I thought I finally had it but mind doesn’t cut like yours at all and I’ve now made a mess of 2 bottom shells 😩

  3. I buy rechargeable batteries instead of doing this.but this project looks cool.

  4. That's a very cute demo at the end.
    Did you write the code for that?

  5. Would it be relatively similar to do this to a gameboy pocket?

  6. Have you thought about doing this for a service to others?

  7. Maybe a type c upgrade would be pretty sweet and how about wireless charging

  8. Flying Roro-飛浪々 says:

    Stupid question : there is no issue using a 3,7v battery on a 3v console?

  9. This is really dope. Thanks for the share man and imma check out the new one in a bit 😃

  10. They make a TP4056 board with USB type C on it. Probably would use that instead, just to keep it more modern.

  11. Is it possible to use a USB type C connector instead of a micro USB?

  12. Awesome actual DIY! Not some "kit," definitely liking this!

  13. I have used this video for my own Color and Pocket upgrade, and recommend it often! Thanks for giving!

  14. What do I have to type in to find the red and black wires? What gauge are they? and where is the best place to pick them up?

  15. awesome video. subscribed 🙂 oh btw, can i use a 14500 battery instead of that turnigy battery? because the size is similar to an AA battery. maybe i don't have to mangle the case. thanks man

  16. you should try to eat more bro you do not look well.

  17. You did a great job! With Dremel high-speed rotary tools on plastic, it's always best to use a lower speed (if the model has it) and let the speed do the cutting rather than applying pressure.

  18. Can somebody explain to me why this is better than having 2 2600mah aa inside. Cheers

  19. love this type of content. Honest and not overproduced. keep it up my dude

  20. damn this should have been done 10 years ago

  21. I wonder how long till Nintendo sues the modding community for extending the life of a discontinued product.

  22. these guides on rechargeable batteries always put a 3.7V battery pack and a 4.7V charging board on a 3V game boy. Is it really safe? I want to do this to a game boy of mine and this high voltage worries me.

  23. Hey I’m new to this, what size/type wires are you using to wire the charging board to the GBC mother and the USB-C port?

  24. U are realy realy stupid. The 4056 charger module has hole input pins.

  25. I'm a little triggered that you didn't glue down the battery charging board at the end

  26. Hi Sean, just found your channel! I've only recently gotten into GBC modding, and your videos are a godsend.

    I've been debating between this and the method in your other rechargeable battery video – while I know this is more work, it seems like the extra battery life is worth it! I was wondering if you had tested or had battery life time for either method using both an IPS screen and using a cartridge like an Everdrive or EZFlash, as that's how I'll likely be playing primarily.

    Thank you for putting out such consistently great videos and for keeping a positive attitude, some of this stuff seems overwhelming to a relative newbie, but watching your stuff I feel like it's all doable!

  27. You seem like you’d be a dope friend to have. Like your personality and the way you talk really stands out 🤟🏼

  28. Fate brought me to this video! I just put a Q5 IPs screen in my Gameboy color, which is also a kiwi colored one, and I was just thinking the battery life friggin sucks now.

  29. Hey man amazing vid…sorry i am a noob to battery mods but i can solder. The battery is 3.7 v and that is ok for a system that runs off 3v? I dont understand the science i am curious

  30. A Backlight mod
    rechargabe battery
    headphone jack
    a 20 game collection
    Now thats a Ultimate Gameboy color

  31. Iam looking too do this mod on my gameboy color seethrue purple would look pretty sick… looked on the comments for parts but dident find the parts you are using?

  32. I’m so new to soldering. I got the nice new IPs V5 screen installed in mine, but every so often when I play, the A button starts rapidly getting enacted when I’m not even touching the button. I looked inside and it doesn’t look like any soldered wires are crossed. Sighhhh, I just give up. It’s a shame cuz the whole thing looks pretty nicely done otherwise

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