Adam Ruins Everything - Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys -

Adam Ruins Everything – Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys

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Adam reveals how Nintendo’s early marketing plan resulted in video games being pushed toward one gender.

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In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it… whether you like it or not. 

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  1. Adult women play more than teenage boys adult men play slightly more than adult women

  2. Now to be honest I do not care if you’re a female or not it only matters about the skills about you and how you do in the game not the gender.

  3. I PLAY DCS AND IL-2 STURMOVIK 1946 I LOVE THOSE TYPES OF GAMES (Flight simulator combat) and I honestly I am very frustrated of these kind of things proposed by greedy video game companies I never cared about the gender I just only care about how you do in the game.

  4. i dnt see how modern games advertise this way now. there are more girl gamers for sure. what makes a girl prevent playing games like GTA V, NFS or COD.


  6. 0:30 Can somebody Plz make a ROM Hack of this?

  7. the people here:
    There's no sexism
    me playing video games
    random dude "lol go make me a sandwich"
    I think the video was a bit too cheesy and weird but his point is true.

  8. I love video games and I really wish sexism didn’t exist, especially with video games. Playing games like Rainbow Six and COD as a girl is just disheartening because of the sheer number of ‘go back to the kitchen’ esque comments.

  9. The entire lynchpin of his argument is the idea that women who play candy crush on their phones is the same as my brother who built his own PC to play games on

  10. who is stoping from girls buying consoles, PCs ,and games

  11. Wow, comments in this video is just proof that gaming is just a giant gatekeeping shithole. This is why I will never consider gaming as a true art medium, or worth anyones passion. Get a real job, instead of living in your mom's basements. Gaming sucks.

  12. 1:07 There were a lot of shoddy games, but the reasons for the video game crash were way more complicated and interesting than anything to do with the games being published. It had more to do with game platform development.

    Lawsuits, competition, poorly designed consoles, systems with no interoperability, limited libraries, and eventually personal computers with game capabilities made the whole opera crash.

  13. This is actually the worst segment of the worst episode of the whole series, which is generally fairly informative and pithy. This is your brain on 2015, I guess.

  14. aaand i am once again reminded that the target demographic for this site is middle school aged boys,, very cool.
    "mobile games arent comparable to pc games!!! im special!!!"
    homie they are both video games and, by definition, if you play either you are a straight up gamer.
    taken from oxford languages, the world's leading dictionary publisher:



    1. a person who plays video games or participates in role-playing games.
    "every gamer has suffered from small-screen videos"

    not only are the pc gamers in this comment section being incredibly pretentious, theyre also straight up wrong and only succeeding in making themselves look dumb. get a life yall damn lmao

  15. Him: Those are just stupid mobile games.
    Adam: So, GaMeS aRe GaMeS jAkE.

  16. So you are telling me a person a who plays pubg Vs the person playing candy crush is same .Hmmmm no

  17. I would not count those match 3 things as videogames. Those things are easy to make copycats made to take money, instead of bringing joy. That is, it's not even supposed to be a game.

    Unless it's candy crush beaxause it's the original

  18. 2:17
    This is either a sexual refrence, or a game refrence.
    Since it's a tank I take it as the lader.

  19. Growing up, if my brother liked/had something, I would want the same. I want a scooter? Got one with hot wheels on them. Psp and gameboy? Playing to my hearts desire. I even played with my dad (albeit we both sucked and we secretly borrowed my brother’s ps3).

    My brother would ask me to join him in playing games but I would get scared😂 because he played a lot of dead rising and assassins creed. I still enjoyed watching him play those games tho (I also didn’t want to play bc I was afraid to mess up his progress)

  20. With all the tools out there games can be made by anyone for anyone.

  21. Untapped market? If it really is a untapped market, XBOX and Playstation would NOT wilfully ignore a financial incentive due to old habits, that isn't how capitalism works. If they see a profit to make video games aimed at the female sex, then they absolutely would hop on the opportunity. My sisters aren't going to buy a PS5 to play Candy Crush. It's like I've stepped back in time to 2015 with this awful video (and I actually quite like the series but the bias here reeks).

  22. the game indistry chusing to markate games to a men that that mostly men buy (like fps) that don't mean that the gamers don't want women in these types of games and it definty dosent mean they don't wan't womon in games as a whole that skit was frakly insolting and a very odvis strawman

  23. I'm a lesbian gamer girl
    I play a lot of fallout 4 and GTA 5 on my xbox

  24. Pretty sure nobody thought this maybe you boomers but a lot of gamer guys look for females gamers I met my wife off destiny 2 knew eachother after 3 years and few 30 raids and 100s of quest we got married some of us don't mind the opposite sex play games tbh we drgaf

  25. OK so you just Proved games were made to advertise towards boys and didn’t really prove anything about pacifically why girls love to play video games and just said they were involved in the making of them but they when it was chosen for kids it was Boys-

  26. So does that mean there would have been more gamer girls?

  27. I was going through the clothing section and my daughter asked why the boys get all the cool shirts

  28. I don't see what's so bad about this. The demographic of most triple a games are men, while the demographic of most phone games are women. Companies have to appeal to the demographic, and it only seems like there's a sexism problem in the game market because the demographic of most popular games is male.

  29. If malik say fair Michael will give a fair too

  30. Malik always say… I am a trader… No problems if you trade with hearts… Like a gift change… Is different business… Gift is one trade is some unfair value in trade say it fair because of hearts…

  31. These pretentious semantic games Adam likes to play is really getting old at this point; conflating the term "gamer" with "people that play games" is such a surface level argument it's laughable. Someone that plays complex games that require hours of dedication such WoW, League of Legends, Dark Souls and basically ever FPS game ever are not in anyway comparable to mobile app games; just as I wouldn't qualify someone that plays tetris, minesweeper, solitaire or online chess as a "gamer," I likewise wouldn't call a habitual player of flappy bird, candy crush or angry birds. These games could more or less be considered digital board games, designed with convenience as the primary objective and simplistic enough to appeal to the largest demographic possible. If none of this holds water simply because "games are games", ask someone who plays mobile games to play ANY mmo, rpg or fps game and they will be overwhelmed by the sheer contrast of skill required to become proficient at said game.

  32. If you buy this load of crap, your really stupid.

  33. This just in: a shallow media figure thinks that advertising is necessary to define people's tastes; that men are so preternaturally credulous that they need marketing to tell them what they like and that women are so congenitally weak and superficial that adverts aimed at other demographics prevent them from doing things they like.

  34. Lol, I grew up "Movies are just for Dads" and "Books are just for Girls"; everyone but me in the fam hated reading, and dad usually got the TV 😂😂😂

  35. I played games on the Wii and Xbox one with my older brother for a long time. I’m 14 and I switched to PC gaming, same as my older brother, and we play Halo Reach multiplayer on Steam all the time.

  36. 1:44 imagine thinking Nintendo marketing the nes to boys was done arbitrarily like this video suggests

  37. who thought that games where just for boys

  38. Sorry, but its girl that look down on boy for playing videogames gave the impression that girls hate videogames.

  39. @ 1:28 hey dumb ass , yes you Adam … you're video is so full of BS , you can't even get the industry crash chart right. the market crashed in 1983, NOT 1986. the NES was launched in the US in 1985 and it saved the game industry. By '86 The NES boom was in full swing. moron.

  40. Only a true sexist can see the world through this filter.

  41. Uh oh, looks like the gamergaters found this video.
    I'm sure it's still all about "ethics in game journalism" right? As you harass women on the internet and then whine about why you're still single?

  42. if movies were for just girls i would hope that when i die i recarnied into a female so i could watch movies and if books were just for dads i would have impregented any girl of breeding age and hope i had a kid so techally i would be a dad so i can read books

  43. first off. the kids right mobile games don't count. second no ones stopping girls from playing. thirdly notice how he says ADULT women and then TEENAGE boys. compare adults with adults and teenagers with teenagers. fourthly Ms. Pac-Man was a rom hack made by 2 college students that was later bought by Namco. fifthly the chart for the crash is wrong. sixthly why is this only video games, if you're complaining about colors then why not include Barbie's or cars? seventhly now we find games in he electronic aisle so that point's invalid today. Eighthly, if tis is true then where do we get the gamer girls who complain about non-existent inequalities. ninthly this video suck if i could find nine errors in 1 watch

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