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About those Game Boy games coming to Switch…

Kevin Kenson
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Rumors have been persisting lately that Gameboy Games will finally find their way to Nintendo Switch Online!

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  1. I honestly don't care at this point. Expecting anything but the bare minimum from nintendo is gonna leave you disappointed. I can emulate anything I want on my phone so I'll just stick to that. There's plenty of amazing gamepads on Amazon. I use the gamesir x2 and it's nice.

  2. The super Mario Bros game and watch was not just one game! It features three games! 1. Super Mario Bros.
    2. Super Mario Bros. 2 for Famicom disk system (Lost Levels)
    3. Game And Watch Ball.
    Apologize now, and reedit this video with the correction included.

  3. I want GBA on switch man, not Gameboy. GBA was my first classic console that i ever played(on an emulator) and theres not a single game in that library that i didnt like. That's really not an easy thing to achieve after 20-30 years.

  4. Bringing gb games instead of the obvious N64/gamecube, Nintendo takes dropping the ball to new levels of tonedeafness and laziness

  5. I honestly to this day I think the virtual Consol was the single best solution that Nintendo is ever come up with for their older games. It's really a shame that they decided not to put it on the switch, and that as a result we probably won't see it moving forward on any newer consoles either. I still play more Retro games on my 3DS just because they're there.

  6. “Dropped the ball a little”..? Haha they for sure have dropped the ball with virtual console. They’re missing out big time.

  7. A small chance but I'm leaning towards no

  8. So then we get to save Marin from being trapped as a seagull forever ?

  9. Dude. They'll never make their terrible online worth buying to me.

  10. I like how gamers talk about game preservation but still sign up for Gamepass. The only preservation is a physical copy. Don't sale your used system. DONE!

  11. Sometimes I wish Nintendo would embrace their rich history of amazing titles in the past, instead of bastardizing access to them as a marketing tool for their newer games. There's a reason a lot of longer-lasting franchises, like Paper Mario, Mario Party, Pokemon, etc. have very divisive stances among their fandoms, & that's because of the generational gap of who's been able to play what games.

  12. I'm not expecting GB stuff, but if it did actually happen I'd be excited now that I've started trying out the SNES app
    N64 I don't expect ever happening.

  13. I get your piont. I like to b able to purchase my favorite nes games for example and be sure i don't lose them on the switch when a new console comes out. Same goes for all older games. Like Spotify. You can buy a song and keep it without having a subscription.

  14. Absolutely agree. Without the Xbox model, they totally suck. I'm playing through Yellow and Crystal on the 3DS and I sadly wish they could save my files and bring them to the rumored game boy online emulator. But I know Nintendo better than that…

  15. It’s called Retro Arch On a modded Switch.

  16. I'm thinking it could be the whole Gameboy family, Advanced included. With the release of Dread approaching, I could see Nintendo finally giving us a way to play the previous 2D Metroid titles. That's just very wishful thinking, though.

  17. With Metroid Dread right around the corner, it would make sense to add both Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion for the Switch Online.

  18. It’s clear that if they release a virtual system for nso this year, it’ll be announced for gba and both handhelds metroid games on launch in prep for the new metroid.

  19. I could not care less about gameboy, get the snes final fantasies and chrono trigger on there already. Too much snes still missing to bother with gameboy in my opinion.

  20. If nintendo brought out new Gameboy Games. People would still buy it up.

  21. Ok with how much of a cash cow it is nintendo will NEVER put the first 3 generations of Pokemon games for essentially free on there online app. They know pe5will pay for it.

  22. n64 and gamecube sound like the route they would take becuse they haven't really yet emulated those.

  23. All I want to see on the switch is final fantasy tactics games.

  24. The dragon warrior games got their portable start on game boy with the dragon warrior monster games

  25. I'm holding on to hope this will happen.. just give us virtual console

  26. I'd love to get Hugo in the switch! i miss that game lots

  27. Nononono I’m thinking GameCube because of the anniversary

  28. A bit too late for me, I just finished metroid fusion on an emulator like 4 months ago lol, would've been nice to play it on my switch instead, I had to play on a 2dsxl

  29. I would say to integrate the Nintendo Online membership with the Virtual Console. It could be a whole different app that can be linked to your account, and downloaded to the main menu of your Switch, your phone, or even your computer. From there then you can buy whatever the hell you want. As long as you have a membership, an account linked, and a system to play it on then it can be like PS Now, or XBox Game Pass…

  30. I’d honestly love to see the GameBoy family be brought over to NSO but that’s really just wishful thinking

  31. We know it’s a rumor but clickbaiters and even news outlets are going around saying it’s a fact. Kind of annoying. We should just wait and see.

  32. Honestly, why doesn't Nintendo just have 2 subscription services? Like how Xbox has LIVE and Game Pass or how PlayStation has Now and Plus?

    They could have Nintendo Switch Online for like $15/year but move over the NES and SNES collections to a Nintendo Virtual Console subscription service for like $15/month or something like that, but it has EVERYTHING on Day 1 for this new service! It could have NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, and Wii games along with the handhelds like GB, GBC, and GBA. I would love to see DS and maybe 3DS games on there, but with the gameplay requiring dual screens, not sure how that would work. As far as the Wii U, Switch practically has that entire library lol.

    Either way, Nintendo would be raking in money for an insane amount of time from 2 different services constantly! It would be a win-win. Not to mention, the controllers they could resale for each system like the NES and SNES currently do. But if Nintendo is really done with the Virtual Console in the way it was for Wii and Wii U, this would be a much better alternative.

  33. i think Nintendo created there own emulation daemon and now there going to pay the price. Netflix almost completely destroyed pirating. then all the other companies got greedy and wanted there own streaming service. now pirating is doing better than ever. Honestly I'm glad, my wallet prefers it this way.

  34. How excited would everyone be if the gamecube games came to online?!

  35. Wait so if I cancel my online Nintendo switch online service I would lose my games?

  36. What Nintendo could do, and should do, is simply make online multiplayer a free feature, add the libraries they have licences for, for every platform they can successfully emulate on the switch, to Nintendo Switch Online, and raise the price to $10 a month. It's such an obvious win. For one, they'd be able to keep rent seeking without locking online multiplayer behind a paywall, which would be a HUGE pr boost considering how much people absolutely hate having to pay an arbitrary fee to access online functionality, and for two they would probably be making WAY more money because of how a streaming library of that size would be considered an essential subscription by so many gamers, much in the same way that many consider netflix an essential subscription.

  37. Please bring back virtual console Nintendo…please.

  38. The online subscription would be even better than virtual console if they had more platforms and games.

  39. I feel like they just need to make a separate service or just sell the games. Nintendo online is already a great value as is.

  40. I bet with the new generation from Nintendo, your subscription to the new one will give you access to the Switch one too and they will keep it alive longer. I think we move in that direction.

    The Switch probably won't feel as 'dated as with the previous generational jumps and will remain popular long after it's cycle.

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