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About those Game Boy games coming to Switch…

Kevin Kenson
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Rumors have been persisting lately that Gameboy Games will finally find their way to Nintendo Switch Online!

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  1. I feel like they just need to make a separate service or just sell the games. Nintendo online is already a great value as is.

  2. I bet with the new generation from Nintendo, your subscription to the new one will give you access to the Switch one too and they will keep it alive longer. I think we move in that direction.

    The Switch probably won't feel as 'dated as with the previous generational jumps and will remain popular long after it's cycle.

  3. I don’t mean to seem like a douche but… just jailbreak the switch and get all of the games you already paid for and play them NOW without any more payments for stuff that’s already YOURS!! I love the nes and snes features with Nintendo online but, it’s just exact ports, no improvements and the online kinda sucks

  4. My phone is the OnePlus 8 and it's a beast when it comes to emulation. It can emulate all the way up to the Wii, PSP, and even 3DS. In fact, there's even a Switch emulator for Android called EGG NS and it runs pretty well all things considered. Given how slow Nintendo is with their retro catalogue, as well as the fact that they went after ROM sites and don't even bother to officially re-release most of their older titles, my phone is a better Switch than the Switch when it comes to older games.

  5. they should also bring n64 games tbh or maybe gameboy advance atleast

  6. DS and DS Lite only supported the GBA library and not the entire GameBoy line.

  7. By the time Nintendo comes around to actually release these games the PS7 and the Xbox Matrix would have already been out in the market.

  8. I think a GB Pokémon classic coming to switch seems UNLIKELY, fans regard red and blue as the very best, and it would directly be counterintuitive for future Pokémon sales. Just a theory!

  9. "easy answer of emulation"
    Don't you mean piracy? Emulation and piracy are two separate things. In fact, Virtual Console and the Nintendo Switch Online apps are emulators! Also, unofficial emulators are legal as long as they don't include copyrighted materials such as firmware and game ROMs.

  10. The only game I really really want is Donkey Kong 64, from the N64. Other than that nintendo online just doesn't interest me. I would even pay for it (even though I paid £60 for it back in the day, I'd pay 20 now maybe 40) it was a great game I loved it.

  11. If they are able to get the Wario Land games on here then this will absolutely be worth it!

  12. As far as emulation, maybe people just don't want to steal other people's hard work lol.

    You being able to play a game or not, is not justification for robbing someone.

  13. the mario game and watch wasn't "just mario", it also included the lost levels which is the real mario 2 in japan…although between mario 3, the american mario 2, and game boy games they could have at least put a third game on there. if they really wanted to treat us right they would have loaded up those game and watches with every main mario and zelda game from the nes and game boy/gbc.

  14. For me I would prefer to be able to buy a new port that works for my new equipment over emulation. The chance of viruses isn't something I like risking. Granted I could use a VM but at that point we are getting way too technical for most. I think it's just better to make new ports, then nintendo can make some more money, we get to keep playing what we love, and there's little to no risk.

  15. This is either not going to happen or just fucking suck when it does, that's my prediction.

  16. EM-U-LA-TION!!! clap clap clapclapclap
    EM-U-LA-TION!!! clap clap clapclapclap

  17. i dont care if they added wii games for free to nso
    if i dont have internet then i couldnt play it even if i bought it
    give us VC nintendo

  18. Piracy is a service problem. Most people don’t want to track down illegal copies of games and run them on their computer or some SD Card cartridge loader. If you don’t make your product available or make it practically unavailable (i.e. irrationally high pricing), then don’t be shocked when piracy increases. Copyright is a PRIVILEGE granted by governments to incentivize continued improvement of arts and sciences. It isn’t a true property right. It is an artificial restriction of the expression of an idea. Honestly, if it can be proven that consumer software is not being made available for sale for more than a year, it should go into the public domain.

  19. Instead of regular Gameboy games how about Gameboy Advance games? That’d would be way cooler

  20. Everyone do yourself a favor and just jailbreak a dsi I've got a homebrew program on mine that runs ds, gba, gb, nes, and snes games.

  21. I do hope that if they bring the Gameboy to the system, they'll have multiple options for the graphics. For instance: Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy. I was a tad bit annoyed when they released Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the 3DS, but Red and Blue were limited to original Game Boy colors. I played those on the Game Boy Color, and that's how I wanted them to look. Of course, I could get Yellow and get colors that way, but it's not exactly the same.

    Now, if they do include Pokemon games in a Game Boy emulator, it would be a bit disappointing if they didn't have access to Pokemon Box on the Switch, like the 3DS ports. And of course, they'd have to have some way to trade between games and different players online. Since emulators have save states, you could easily cheese this, even without the use of a certain save exploit in the original games. Nintendo may just decide not to include Pokemon games for these reasons. Or maybe because Pokemon games make so much money, they or Pokemon Company may just choose not to include them all in a subscription service, possibly selling them separately, or doing their usual thing and just not selling them at all and relying on their typical FOMO tactic.

  22. Nintendo has been pushing alot of old school games, specifically Gameboy series system games and Gamecube games, their most recent one was for Luigi's Mansion, on the switch they wanted you to catch up on the metroid series games, a majority if which are on gameboy handhelds,and the phrasing is
    "Catch up on these Metroid titles before Metroid Dread." The wording makes me think that gameboy and gamecube are the next emulators on the switch. But I don't have high hopes, i know i might be disappointed but I'd love ti be wrong

  23. hears Nintendo announcing they may get Gameboy games for the Switch…
    then turned back to look at my Switch, already running GBA titles via Lineage OS
    "Nah, I'm good (◕ᴗ◕✿)"

  24. As long as I can play old Pokémon games I’ll be ecstatic

  25. Nintendo: "We hate piracy!"
    [Makes old titles impossible to play]

  26. Still using my WiiU as a Virtual Console machine…

  27. Meanwhile me with my modded switch, which can run game boy, game boy advance, and Nintendo DS games: 👀

  28. Nintendo is probably not doing this 🙁 but I’m still hoping

  29. I've abandoned the idea that Nintendo will actually let us buy ROM copies of the older games to be run on officially supported emulators. I was hopeful after the Virtual Console came out on the 3DS family of systems, but they didn't continue that. So, I am just reading ROMs off of the games I already own and playing them on emulators on my various systems, whether they're Nintendo consoles or my PC.

    Because if NintenDON'T, then I will.

    Added bonus is that I can have multiple save files for each of the older games.

  30. apparently nintendo filed an fcc thing for a new controller, and one of the lines of text jargin lines up one number after the snes wireless controller, so its likely well see gb and n64, also with the whole 4 emulators thing its likely that its a gba emulator and n64 emulator.

  31. Nintendo should just release 2 WiFi enabled emulation consoles. One for handheld (GB all the way up to NDS) and one for home (NES all the way up to GCN). Include a few games from each gen already downloaded to each system with the capability to download more a la carte just like they did with with VC. They could charge $99 for each console, which I believe with that model would make them so much money. Plus it gives people a dedicated way to have all of these older games at their fingertips, legally. Everyone wins.

  32. They really need to just make the super 3ds already. With them adding firmware updates to the dock they could release a dock that allows you to insert 3ds carts into the dock and play off the switch hardware when it's docked. It's always been an idea I've had that I feel they could do. I loved my super Gameboy. It was like breathing new life into the games I already owned and played .

  33. Hard read: GBA is next. Emulation for gba was flawless on wii u and old gameboy games don't stand up to the passage of time. If they WERE to do gameboy, they would have to do it with some highlight of super gameboy support which is 11x too much effort when they're too busy going after fan projects like that kickstarter campaign for hand-drawn fan-made NES guides. Doug Bowser is a corporate man, he's pumping out whatever is profitable. People already pay for online just for Mario Kart, Smash and soon Mario Party as well.

  34. Whoops this didn’t age well

  35. The nintendo employees are assholes always disappointing the fans.

  36. I loooove that you mention „Solar Striker“. It was my entry to shoot em ups and I still play it every year. Wonderful, simple yet captivating game.

  37. FFS. Just emulate these old games. They have had their money from them in the past. They are public domain now.

  38. I have emulated N64 games because it's great but the problem is the controllers are not always functional. I have had issues with the GCN emulators not working and that has been a huge issue for me in considering further experiments. However I would prefer to buy and have my own copies again, as I lost my entire N64 and GCN library aside from buying back Thousand Year Door, I don't think it's justifiable paying 100 or 130 for games on systems which are no longer made.

  39. The Austin powers games from Gameboy colour I'd buy a switch in a heartbeat

  40. I hate to say this, but I’d gladly pay $50 a year for gb and gba games on the switch. Maybe Nintendo raised the price so much cause we’re getting a new port soon??

  41. dang it only one spot left after the n64 got added

  42. I just want a harry potter game that isn't a dang Lego one. I'd be thrilled if we can get the GBC Harry Potter game hais

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