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8th Grade Boys vs. Girls Basketball Game

Church of Saint Mary
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Go Guardians! Eighth Grade Boys compete against the Eighth Grade Girls in a half-length basketball game.


  1. Can we get a shooting coach out here? These forms are horrible

  2. No they’re airballing so many good shots 😭

  3. Both teams did so much threes and they missed most of them. It was a pretty close game and both played well

  4. Credit to the young ladies. However this type of abuse should not be allowed man lol. And you can see the boys were messing around lol. Were all for equal opportunity but physically it's not equal I hope you feminists understand

  5. The boys will be drafted by the WNBA, they scored as many points as one of it's teams.

  6. This is what you call a lose lose situation for the boys team. Nobody will give them credit for beating the girls team and if by some miracle the girls beat them, then they are the laughing stock of the school until they graduate.

  7. If the girls had attempted more layups instead of three pointers, they could have won this game. The boys got smart and started taking the ball inside. Otherwise, they may have lost.

  8. Girls and boys can compete equally before puberty, in fact most girls are as big and strong if not bigger and stronger at this age. It changes dramatically over the next few years after this though.

  9. My man got the compression sleeve on his leg at 13

  10. You,know what would of really been if one of the boys attempted a dunk over a girl and actually made it😂😂.

  11. The guys are out there street balling. The girls are trying to run plays. The girls seem to struggle with what to do if someone isn't in the exact right place when running their plays.

  12. I guess we have a fan favorite Yellow Bandana

  13. Any chance we could ban the three point shot at this level of basketball. It has mad e the game uninteresting

  14. it was a 1v5 as the other boys just lobbing bricks not even trying. Imagine if the other 4 got serious.

  15. Looked like the boys wanted it a little more I thought the girls had better talent and were taller in almost every position.

  16. Mr Eccentricities Brutally Honest Opinions says:

    im rooting for the girls XD

  17. Mr Eccentricities Brutally Honest Opinions says:

    This just goes to show gender didn't matter and I don't watch sports but this was fun

  18. Here's the deal, folks. This is totally politically incorrect. The score at the end ought to be tied, with both teams receiving an equal number of points, regardless of performance. =P

  19. Im going to give credit to the blond girl with a ponytail

    She is actually good

  20. The only kid who can really play is the one with the yellow headband.

  21. Kid with the yellow headband was raised right !!!!

  22. Coach what do we do ? "Pass it to Will…I mean the yellowband kid"

  23. Imagine if the boys were post pubescent….

  24. From beginning jump ball, to losing possession, to regaining possession, and scoring… took 19 seconds. Just throwing that out there.

  25. What's the name o the song being played in the background in during the initial phases?

  26. Just head band take over, red shoes shot is trash

  27. Girls had the height advantage and… lost by double digits

  28. Are they really in 8th grade? They look like they're in 6th or 7 th grade

  29. Yellow headband is a small Giannis Antetokounmpo👏👏

  30. So no more driving to the hoop.. just be lazy and shoot 3's. Even these kids are lazy and where is the Coach to tell them to set it up. I feel sad for the next generation of Lazy kids…

  31. Doesn't seem like they're in 8th grade, I remember everyone looked older.

  32. this cant be 8th grade. They missing every 3 pointer possible. maybe its cause of the school I went to, but jesus. its brick city out there.

  33. The girls played very well..kept thinking what are you feeding those young ladies

  34. Kids fathers after the game: you allowed 12 points?
    Kid: yes
    Kids father to kids mother: take your son home

  35. Yellow headband is a high school senior now. I expect that he has several d1 offers

  36. When you knew who would win at the start of the video

  37. I won a state championship at that age scoring 50 points I would love to verse girls that would be funny af

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