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6th Grade Michiana Boys Basketball Allstar Game. 2021

Foster Gainz
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  1. lol when i was there age i was playing against people who were dunking and that was school balll

  2. Me watching this before my first game tomorrow in aau to see how competition look and see if we ready

  3. My coach would of bench me if I took a deep 3

  4. these kids are gonna remember this for the rest of their life!

  5. To Bad he can't make the grades!He needs to go to bed,Throw the Play Station out the door,Put the phone down and get in the bed.

  6. Bro white team don’t pass at all Lol trash ballhogs tryna look good. All they have to do is stop being selfish and pass the ball

  7. I know these kids are 6th graders but for all stars, really?

  8. if i airballed a three knowing me coach would put me on the bench xd and then there's these kids

  9. Bro I’m literally watching this cuz I’m not playing my first game for another month and I’m just straight bored and desperate so now I’m watching so freaking little beasts dominating the court and me wondering how there so good cuz I’m the same grade

  10. I like watching these and seeing whats wrong with it and yes I do play 🏀

  11. I would have expected more from a 6th grade all-star. But ain’t bad tho.

  12. I'm just watching because it play off this Saturday

  13. I can see several errors and miscommunications

  14. I’m in 6th grade and I’m nowhere near as good as these kids well I can shoot easy 3s but I cannot dribble

  15. When I get to the high school am playing a game like that

  16. im just watching this because i got a game next week to play lol

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