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5 Game Boy Clones Better Than The Original

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These Game Boy clones come with some substantial improvements over Nintendo’s original handhelds! Subscribe to The Gamer:

Nintendo consoles regularly kill it- but there HAVE been a few missteps. Virtual Boy, anyone? But when they released the Game Boy there was tons of hype. Somehow, someway, even though the hardware was lacking in all the wrong places, The Nintendo Game Boy won the battle of on the go gamers based mainly on the sheer power of the games themselves. Quality games can get you over the hump! So that’s why when we go back and want to play those games, advances in technology have brought Game Boy into a better place. By using “clones” of Game Boys (essentially modded Game Boy hardware) gamers have been able to improve the experience by a LOT. Today we’re going to look at these game boy clones and game boy advance clones: GB Boy Color, the Super Retro Boy, Exeq GameBox, Woodi GBA, and the Revo K101 Plus.

What do you think? Did we miss any clones of Nintendo’s Game Boy and Game Boy Advance? Can you think of any other game boy mods?

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  1. Playing Prey and Fallout 4 for the first time I jumped so hard.

  2. who had a gameboy that was broken by being thrown

  3. I had a Gameboy Advance but I lost it during moving day 2012😓😓😢😢😭😭😭

  4. My best gaming experience is using the gamepad on my phone that I got today (sadly it broke :(!! )

  5. The FIRST comment oh and EPIC a n d on Xbox one s

  6. Again only 3 minutes long wtf whenever it’s this guy the videos are so short but when the other guy does the videos they are 10 minutes long. I like this guy but I just want the videos to be a little longer.

  7. Just use an emulator download one onto your phone or computer

  8. What's my favorite gaming experience ever? Hitting the square button 50x in sonic unleashed ps3 final boss super sonic vs perfect dark gia

  9. I wish I could of had a try of one but ii don't know if I could..??

  10. Wow. You say the 5 GB Clones are better then the original. Except no. Only ONE (That being the GB Colour) is actually worth it, and that's still overshadowed by the GBA SP.
    Also (in case you didn't know) FAMICLONE CONSOLES. ALWAYS. LIE. At the most, there are going to be 30 of those 999 games that are unique. The other 969+ are just shovelware, terrible copies of existing games, or just one of the other games repeated.

  11. No joke I swear I was playing my game boy colour when I got this notification

  12. For the price (~$35 on ebay) the GB Boy Colour is legit. The screen aspect ratio is slightly off (4:3 instead of the original 10:9) so there's a little bit of scaling, but the screen is a bright modern LCD, which is night-and-day better than a GBC. Buttons feel more "clicky" than an original, and you may actually prefer that, but the buttons also squeak (which may bother people around you, even if you have the volume down). It can play all GB and GBC cartridges no problem. The built-in games are all original GB games (colorized exactly as they would be on a normal GBC). The IR port doesn't work, but the link cable port absolutely does, even with the built-in games. So buy two and a cable for some instant 2-player Tetris action.

    Creation of the Super Retro Boy has been "indefinitely put on hold" as of Jan 2018, so I don't see the point of mentioning it as an option.

    The Revo 101k Plus looks and feels very nice for it's price, but the experience isn't perfect. The buttons feel nice, but the extra X/Y buttons can only be mapped to other buttons, so it's not as useful. The screen has a higher resolution than a GBA, but you have choices on how to display the games – centered in the middle, scaled and blurry, etc. It can play original GBA carts, and it can connect to your TV, which is nice. It cannot play GB/GBC carts. The included k-cart lets you play GBA roms, but some don't work right (like Super Mario World missing background layers). Technically it can play other systems through emulation, that is, through the couple emulators written to run on the GBA. The GB / GBC / Game Gear emulators work the best, but the others resize the games to fit on a GBA screen, even though the screen is more than big enough. So you end up with an even a smaller screen, or a screen that has been shrunk and then stretched, making it look awful. Not to mention that you'll have multiple different menu systems to contend with – the built-in menus plus whatever menus the emulators have, all with different options and different ways of launching them, and usually each game gets it's own settings. The point is, it's a bit of a PITA to just pick up and play, as I find no one set of settings works decent for every game, so you'll be wasting time changing resolutions just to read in-game text.

    My recommendation is, if you just want GB/GBC games, pick up a GB Boy Colour. If you have carts, great, if you don't, there's plenty on there to keep you busy until you decide what to get. If you want GBA games, get a GBA SP or a wide GBA modded with a backlit screen.

  13. my favourite gaming experience was getting a game boy micro.
    i absolutely loved it.

  14. Oh oh oh I loved Lego Star Wars 2 it was the first game I've ever played and I loves going through the Half Life series

  15. My favourite experience was beating all my friends with bad characters from super smash bros melee. I used jigglypuff, Pichu, Kirby (I know he's good now but he sucked in melee) Roy.

  16. Betting Petey parana in super Mario galaxy

  17. Finish super Mario oddeassy and getting all the moons

  18. My favorite gaming experience was when I first played the gamecube that controller is amazing there is no controller better. Then I went and broke the thing.

  19. My favorite gaming experience is pokemon diamond when I was around 5

  20. I had the game boy advance and Nintendo DS lite

  21. Oh… Another shitty top ten Channel… Just what we needed

  22. Winning my first game of Fortnite solo. And killing the elder dragon by myself

  23. My worst gaming experience was when sonic mania plus was pulled back to today and it would not update

  24. lol all these are cool but i dont need them i have every nintendo cousle they ever created and they are old 🙂
    my best game experience was beating bowser in super mario world without shitting in my pants for the 3 time when i was a kid XD

  25. I loved attack of the clones, a true star wars fan ahh forget get it. The thing is it's not the same unless you hold all the cartridges and physically put in the games and boot it up

  26. My favorite gaming experience was finally beating Shovel Knight. Oh wait…. I still haven't beaten it since it's so freakin' hard!!!! 😑

  27. I don't really have a fave ever gaming experience besides battling and trading with friends on Pokemon. I do remember having to hold my gameboy color up above my head in the car all the time when it was night just to play it by headlights of the car behind me. Oh man I never wanted to put down Pokemon Gold, silver, and crystal back then. Hahah.

  28. my favorite gaming experience was when I beat zelda phantom hour glass

  29. My favorite gaming experience has been spending my whole childhood(recently) playing all the retro games, only to find out once reunited with my long lost biological brother who was five years younger, he had done the same. Then all my siblings played all the classics all the way to date.

  30. My favourite gaming experience was when I FINALLY beat Malos and akhos in xenoblade Chronicles 2

  31. My frist time playing on a ps4 i was mond blown! It looked soo good,

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