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5 Game Boy Clones Better Than The Original

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These Game Boy clones come with some substantial improvements over Nintendo’s original handhelds! Subscribe to The Gamer:

Nintendo consoles regularly kill it- but there HAVE been a few missteps. Virtual Boy, anyone? But when they released the Game Boy there was tons of hype. Somehow, someway, even though the hardware was lacking in all the wrong places, The Nintendo Game Boy won the battle of on the go gamers based mainly on the sheer power of the games themselves. Quality games can get you over the hump! So that’s why when we go back and want to play those games, advances in technology have brought Game Boy into a better place. By using “clones” of Game Boys (essentially modded Game Boy hardware) gamers have been able to improve the experience by a LOT. Today we’re going to look at these game boy clones and game boy advance clones: GB Boy Color, the Super Retro Boy, Exeq GameBox, Woodi GBA, and the Revo K101 Plus.

What do you think? Did we miss any clones of Nintendo’s Game Boy and Game Boy Advance? Can you think of any other game boy mods?

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  1. My best gaming experience was the PS2 it was so awsome

  2. Only one Word, the first Time i played Metal gear solid on my psx..

  3. I remember when i was like 6 or 7, i was playing super mario world with my brother in his room and we got to one of the mole levels and we had to pause the game because his cat was giving birth to kittens. Well, a kitten. It was her first pregnancy and out of the 2, only one made it. But it was a pretty weird gaming experience

  4. beating battle block theater, it is super hard

  5. Lol, the WoodiGBA is the worst clone out there! Did you only do 5 mins of research before creating this video?

  6. You didn't need 100 batteries to get through the day when using the original Game Boy, I understand Nintendo claimed the batteries in the original Game Boy would last about 30 hours or so.

  7. In Fortnite,someone killed me right when I placed a spike trap.They went for the loot and they didn’t expect it.heh heh heh.

  8. My original NES was kind of on its last legs so to speak so I recently had a birthday and my parents bought me a Retrobit NES system I can use all my old cartridges with it the only downside is it only came with one controller but to make up for that all the original NES controllers are compatible with it the only another slight downside that it really grips your game cartridges hard so you have to be careful when taking them out of the system but other than that I am VERY satisfied with it in fact some of my games that wouldn’t work so well on my original NES system work better with the Retrobit system so that I am happy about but since I just recently got it I am not sure yet if I can use Game Genie with it but like I said VERY satisfied with it

  9. What a shitastic video. You spent 3 whole minutes talking about 5 handhelds consoles, and the first 30 seconds were self promotion.

  10. These are good options now, because Gameboys of older generations are HARD to find now.

  11. I’m having a hard time finding a gamebox advance sp for sale, they all sold out around Christmas and can’t find them any where. Is there a link to where I can buy one?

  12. So GB Boy Colour is pretty much Game Boy Boy Colour

  13. Just buy a Nintendo ds lite at the pawn shop. But the original gba advance games.

  14. My favorite game experience was when i softlocked/crashed my new super Mario bros in my ds by running with a koopa shell into lava in a tower

  15. Gameboy advance sp with backlit screen

  16. The gameboy is the worst you can’t play you’re own cartridges it’s just for show

  17. My favourite gaming experience is when I got the Nintendo Switch AND…..The GB Boy Colour

  18. If one wanted to play roms they can use a pc/Mac. If one wants a gameboy nothing beats the original. 🤪

    These clones are made for height drop tests, golf ball/base ball substitutes, and microwave experiments. 🤪🤪🤪

  19. From what I know, GBA cartridge just don't fit into Woodi's slot…

  20. The revo thingy only costs 20 dollars I saw somewhere even the gba sp costs 11$

  21. The gamebox was terrible it can only play GBA games the Gamebox has no backwards compatibility with Game boy color and Gameboy that was the whole charm of the GBA to have GBA Games And backwards compatibility to older gameboys

  22. when you said the woodi GBA all you said are the cons of the console accept the price

  23. with the exception of the Revo-k101, these are all crap that just plays from hacks of NES games at 3fps. if they do play GBA games, they probably have terrible audio quality. save your money and just use an emulator.

  24. My favorite gaming experience has to be 3 years ago on my 20th birthday playing BOTW on my Switch I got day one for the first time really left a lasting impression on me my first console I bought with my paycheck and wasn't handed to me.

  25. My favorite Game Boy The Game Boy Advance SP if you could see my logo did the Gameboy Advance SP

  26. Gb boy colour breaks almost as soon as you open it

  27. Which can play Pokémon cartridges. I just want a game boy for Pokémon. We were too poor to have game boys, it was like owning the latest iPhone. It’s there you see it. Can’t have it

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