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5 Bad Game Boy Advance Games You Must See to Believe

John Hancock
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The GBA had some amazing games, it also had some truly terrible ones as well. In todays video, I take a look at some of the worst games on its library of all time(and the reasons why). What are your picks? Comment below and thank you for watching!
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Games shown in this order
Alex Rider Stormbreaker
Medal of Honor Underground
Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary
Rock’em Sock’em Robots

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  1. @John Hancock 6:52 That's what happens when you try to run Sonic The Hedgehog without blast processing.

  2. GBA Medal of Honor has SECONDS PER FRAME 🤣.

  3. So what’s harder? Finding the bottom 10 worst games? Or the top 10 best games?

  4. Ecks vs Sever. I seem to recall it being even worse than the movie!
    Great list!

  5. Bionicle on gba is absolute garbage as well lol hella nostalgic for it tho 🤣

  6. the advance was kind of a let down in general . someone stole mine and I didn't even really miss it lol

  7. Got the dark purple one in front of me. sold my clear purple and lime green GB colors… along with 4 wavebirds wireless controllers for game cube. Man… I was broke

  8. The Defender game on the GC was also terrible. Clunky controls and long load times.

  9. Oh man, that Medal of Honor game is like a really low res Wolfenstein 3D knockoff. It's crazy that Wolfenstein 3D looks great on the Gameboy advance, but this…

  10. I remember having only one bad game for the GBA, and that was Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage. That was the very first game I had ever owned. Pretty good video, dude

  11. Rock en SOck RObots arena is great on PS1. But is a complete diferent game!

  12. sonic advance looks like the horribel 50hz sonic games we got on the master system and mega drive in europe xD

  13. The GBA sucked, first the unlit screen was a punch in the face and then I was tricked into buying remakes of snes and other games that didn't really add anything and always gave me the feeling of "I already played enough of this"

  14. The beard grows cooler and cooler John.

  15. He is so wholesome despite how bad the games are

  16. It's insane to think Medal of Honor would actually be released when it looks like that. It's positively head ache inducing. I'm also shocked to hear Sega did such a rush job on the Sonic port. The GBA certainty had enough power to run it so that's pretty unexcusable.

  17. I just bought a DS Lite. I am looking for nice GBA puzzle games like: Tetris, Puyo Puyo and Dr. Mario…

  18. Yeah, even before I picked up Sonic on the GBA, I knew good and well that it wouldn't be a 1:1 reproduction of the Genesis version, but I held out hope that it would still be decent. Man, what a slap in the face. The constant choppiness and slowdown were infuriating. Played that POS once and never touched it again. (Edit: And the sound is absolute GARBAGE.)

  19. Since when did Dave Atell start reviewing games?

  20. Dude looks like Richard Kam from the show Home Improvement.

  21. preciate you john, the positivity keeps my spirits up. doesnt matter what the topic is, just wanted to let you know your cheer helped someone today

  22. Right on John! Keep the good videos coming my man

  23. Its too bad about Defender. Looks like they dropped in Windows desktop generic backgrounds, ha ha.

  24. That last one looked like a real turd, but for the most part this seems like more of a "biggest disappointments" list than a worst-ever. Come on, we can get a lot shittier than some slowdown in a Sonic game!

  25. Love these reviews. It’s easy to pick good games. A lot harder to pick bad games.

  26. I had the GBA version of the original Sonic game. It sucked, compared to the Genesis version😩

  27. Oh boy, do I have a special hatred for Sonic Genesis on GBA! It was my first ever experience with a bad port, and all these years later I've still yet to play anything that tops it in terms of butchering a classic!

  28. 15seconds in.

    No John… The GBA didn't make the Mario Serie advance in any way, there's not a single original mario game on the GBA!!!

  29. I really want to see games that’s good…not worst games…reason I don’t watch these series

  30. 007 Nightfire was another awful FPS on the GBA. The graphics were terrible but the main issue was that the stages have an arbitrary time limit that completely ruined it for me.

  31. How is Defender on here before Mortal Kombat Advance???

  32. That GBA port if DEFENDER was terrible. The PS2 port was a way different yet familiar funner experience.

  33. A lot of those overhead or 3/4 perspective platform/exploration games on the GBA were boring like that; even ones with strong franchise connections like Banjo-Kazooie and Spyro had really ho-hum installments on the Game Boy Advance using this type of game design. Basically run around bland environments with nothing noteworthy or remotely interesting to do or see.

  34. How do you people know how many frames per second is running? To me it all flows the same.

  35. Wow, Wolfenstein looks better that the MOH game.

  36. I would have to say everything on this list + all the metroids, zeldas, and Mario Karts, Fzero, MK Advance

  37. Damn those animation of enemy on PSone in MoH. Just amazing.

  38. Medal of Honor Infiltrator is a classic. Good call to go from FPS to top down.

  39. I can't believe you didn't mention the 2 Austin powers games!!! I love the movies but the games were real bad 😅

  40. The other Medal of Honor (Infiltrator) is a fantastic game. But for more FPS that are obscure, try Ice Nine, Ecs Vs Saver (Not Ballistics) and 007 Nightfire.

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