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5 Bad Game Boy Advance Games You Must See to Believe

John Hancock
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The GBA had some amazing games, it also had some truly terrible ones as well. In todays video, I take a look at some of the worst games on its library of all time(and the reasons why). What are your picks? Comment below and thank you for watching!
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Games shown in this order
Alex Rider Stormbreaker
Medal of Honor Underground
Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary
Rock’em Sock’em Robots

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  1. I have to take drugs to look as happy as you always do.

  2. Heh, I just would have picked a bunch of DSI and Midway games. Midway Arcade Classics and Mortal Kombat Advance are just the pits on Game Boy Advance. The GBA port of Comix Zone and the re-imagining of Revenge of Shinobi wasn't much better. We can't forget Mucha Lucha, which wasn't a great cartoon and is somehow an even worse beat 'em up. As for DSI? Heh, take your pick.

    There's a silver lining to Genesis Sonic, though! Some hobbyist programmers ported the first level of the original Sonic for the Game Boy Advance themselves and it runs very well; nearly on the level of the original Genesis game. I think one of these guys went on to greater fame with Sonic Mania.

  3. Ahh that zoomed in view on Sonic. That would bother me the most. I know I liked most of the GG Sonic games, and they were kind of zoomed in, but those were designed to be like that from the start.

  4. OMG What did they do to Defender?! Yikes! How can you mess up something so simple?! I can understand the visual "upgrades" but they really blew it with the controls.

    The 1995 Original Gameboy combo release of Defender and Joust was amazing!! It played and sounded just like the arcade! All they added was
    – an inverted color mode which made it easier to see on the GB screen
    – some great background music (which you could turn off)
    – updated graphics mode for Joust (which scales in the playing field (nice addition)
    – and game over artwork for both games.

    They left the gameplay alone and just added a few optional things.

  5. John, I have watched your videos for a month now, and just noticing I haven’t subscribed. You’ve earned that mate! Thanks for all the good times and interesting stuff! 😊🙌🏻❤️

  6. Rocke 'em Sock 'em Robots looks more enjoyable than Streetfighter II.

  7. 4:00 "That's the second game, that came out after the first one." That is just so profound, lol.

  8. How do I make this guy stop popping up on my phone? I mean, he just tells me about crap games, in a boring way. Jeez. Morty, pass me another "premium" European beer. Fucks sake.

  9. MOH:Underground, got it in a bargain bin bitd for $3 and still felt ripped off. Maybe if there wasn't Doom and a bunch of other decent GBA FPS games that actually have a frame rate but…

  10. i cant believe you didnt include the two Austin powers games!

  11. A lot of people said Dynasty Warriors Advance for GBA was terrible, but I have a soft spot for it. However, Narnia game was pretty shitty, as it is customary for movie tie ins.

  12. I'm surprised this wasn't just a list of Sega IP revival attempts on the GBA. Altered Beast was also horrendous.

  13. Loved the buildup to the Medal of Honor gameplay unveiling. What a mess of a game.

  14. I remember playing Mutant League Hockey on the Genesis back in the day, and I used to always think of Rock Em Sock Em Robots whenever a fight would break out. Just seeing that awful looking GBA game made me think of, and want to play Mutant League Hockey. Could use some Spew Puke and Bones Jackson right about now.

    Also, seeing that bad Sonic port makes me think of those old "Genesis Does" promos that Sega used to do. I guess in the case of that GBA Sonic port, Genesis was still doing what Nintendont lol.

  15. Good video! I never have heard of that Alix Rider game for the Game Boy Advance! Don't think I ever saw in the game stores or Walmart either! These sure are not the best games for the Game Boy Advance system!

  16. There was a Rock Em Sock Em Robots game on PS1 that ran on the same engine as Wu Tang Shaolin Style, X-Men Mutant Academy 1 & 2, and the unreleased Thrill Kill. Paradox Development later made Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks and the Backyard Wrestling games.

  17. Midway Arcade Classics was a big turd. Joust had a horrible hit box and your guy didn't even have the tip of his lance… worst version I've played

  18. The Sonic GBA Port might be a bit better if the camera would'nt be so much zoomed in…

  19. Rushing games to the market is always a terrible thing for the consumer. Look at that medal of honour game.. my god . Almost had a seizure looking at it . Thanks for a great channel though. Always nice to see you! Greetings from Sweden

  20. That Medal of Honor game makes Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd on the same console a freaking masterpiece. BOTH games are pixelated nightmares.

  21. I remember my brother buying that Medal Of Honour game, i expect a certain amount of forgiveness with a handheld title but christ that was shockingly bad/borderline unplayable

  22. The DSi logo (publisher) should strike fear into gamers. 9/10 times it’ll be complete crap

  23. Nice quality video, John. Medal of Honor Infiltrator made up for MOH Underground.

  24. Somehow your talking about the Rock 'em Sock 'em game has made me want to try it.

  25. I remember having a gba Jurassic park game that was just insanely difficult and hard to get past the first level

  26. El de Sonic se ve buenisimo..asi lenteja puedo apreciar los fondos y eso-

  27. You and Angry video game nerd should do a collab

  28. I don't see how Rock'em Sock'em Robots would make a great video game unless you added a lot of depth to the formula. To each their own John.

  29. Thanks John! A few that make my list of games that shouldn't have happened: Board Game Classics, Matchbox Missions: Air, Land and Sea Rescue + Emergency Response, Nicktoons Unite!, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Top Gun: Combat Zones, World Championship Poker.

  30. Earned my subscription pal! Great content😊👍🏻

  31. Would you believe Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance got ported to the GBA? I found it very disappointing when compared to the other versions on the Gamecube, Xbox (original), and Playstation 2.

  32. Have you tried Monopoly Advanced? This was Monopoly programed by people that don't know the rules.

  33. I prefer the SP easier to play in the dark

  34. This is turning into a comedy series 🤣🤣

  35. you forgot to mention the worst gba game, mortal kombat advance!! im totally suprised that you didnt mention mortal kombat advance. lot of review magazines labeled mortal kombat advance as the worst gba game of all time.

  36. Enjoy these jhon, thanks for the videos.

  37. 7:52 Adding even more insult to injury, Stealth made their own port a few years later that was basically entirely accurate to the original.

  38. I love this series of videos. We need a round two for every console and handheld featured so far. More bad games! lol

  39. I love the GBA, I looked through the entire gba game library and chose what I liked but I also saw some really bad games which I didn't care for so most of the bad games I know are games that I saw and thought they were going to be good and ended up beign bad, like the Disney's Atlantis game, I LOVE that movie, easily one of my favorite disney movies but every level felt the same, you can easily get lost on levels, also, some levels are long and dying makes you go back to the start of the level, thats not even mentioning that some levels are on a timer, it was just boring and I'm not that hard to impress.

  40. So what we learned? SEGA STILL does what Nintendon’t

  41. That Medal of Honor game looks absolutely terrible. I'm surprised that it was allowed to even be released. I've never seen anything like that.

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