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400 in 1 Retro Game Box Review – BEST Nintendo Game Boy Clone

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Thanks everyone for watching and I hope this videos helps some of you guys to make your decision.

This handheld game device is super duper fun!! It has pretty much all of my favorite old school games loaded in a super portable and convenient device. Definitely worth every single penny.

What Color will you be getting?!

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  1. Lol.. I only bought this because of super Mario and pacman hahaha

  2. Sup! HappyRider I have grandchildren that would love this game. Great review thanks.

  3. This brings so much back from the past, i need this! 😝

  4. Brings back memories. Up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a,select,start.
    Man I wished I had these for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the reviews.

  5. How time need to recharg the battery

    The store forget the manual on my game box

  6. this video was fun to watch, thumbs up from me

  7. Dope price point cant be beat just bought the black one

  8. Wow!! You actually played game for us. Thanks. Liked.

  9. Sir plzzzzz tell me can i control its volume

  10. Buy the gb boy it's the best game boy clone or you can buy the color version both are backlit

  11. What a positive review! I like it, keep it up❤️👍

  12. I have this also in blue color☺️☺️☺️☺️💦

  13. Wow superb video, we used to enjoy these games as kids

  14. Great video. I gotta get me one of these and another as a gift. New sub. Peace!

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