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I’ve talked about the Super Game Boy, Super Game Boy 2, and the Game Boy Player. But now let’s dive into 3rd party devices that played Game Boy games on your television! This episodes talks about the GB Hunter, Super GB Booster, Advanced Game Port, and the GBA TV Converter.

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  1. Does the advanced game port work on the Wii GC player?

  2. You should check out the retroN square. You might not hate one then.

  3. Oh god the GB Video Connecter looks like a special kind of bad

  4. Castlevania the Adventure!!! with shitty N64 hunter music!!!

  5. Are you planning to cover Analogue Pocket in the future?

  6. The GB Hunter music is now my ringtone.

  7. If the Game Boy Player exists, why does the Advanced Game Port exist?!?!?!?!

  8. 0:00 to 0:12. He is showing the back drop. His collection. I feel like he is flexing his muscle and teasing hardcore Nintendo fans and new gamers.

  9. I wish I could find the advance Game port but eBay just shows the start up disk

  10. With the valve steam steamer coming out soon this feels very relevant

  11. I own the GBA TV converter. I bought it 15+ years ago when I was living in Asia and this was new technology. This always worked just fine for me when connected to the TV. If only I knew where it was so I can break it out and play again.

  12. Interesting video on a subject I knew zero about. Thank you

  13. Video Sync is definitely just VSYNC, something you'll see in nearly any options menu for nearly any PC game – essentially it locks the framerate to the refresh rate of the monitor (usually 60hz) and does not allow the graphics to render frames any faster than the monitor can display them, which is only necessary if things are running at a higher framerate than your monitor – this may be necessary if any games are running faster than they should be. Most game boy games do their game logic per-frame, so having too high a framerate will result in games being too fast.

    The save backup relates to games with a built-in save battery (Pokemon being the prime example), though it's not entirely clear how it actually works – I'm assuming that the emulator doesn't actually write the save to the cartridge until you select this option in the menu.

  14. fucking comic sans font on super GB booster menus lmfao

  15. 3:42 That's a lot like using Cheat Engine on PC, but much simpler and on a N64/GB

  16. I wonder who ever owned a playstation and was like, hey, if only I could play some cutting edge game boy games on this system.. 😛 Also the GB in GB Fighter obviously stands for great britain..it's the great britain fighter..nobody likes them 😜

  17. The last one is probably the most non consumer friendly my guess is the game port and link cable port do not provide enough data for video output

  18. Guessing it was a Chinese product then, a "Golden Finger" is their term for gaining a cheat, you tend to find the term used a lot in novels where the main character is reincarnated with a system or other op ability as they just call it a Golden Finger instead.

  19. Cheat carts for GBA are extortionately expensive and very rare to find, so if you have a Gamecube the Advanced Game Port at least is definitely worth buying. "Absolutely not" my ass.

  20. Весёлый Пёсель. Видео и компьютерные игры. says:

    PC is the best console ever! You can emulate any other console with premium quality not using these shady things.

  21. So that means I can play my gba games on my Wii if the third one can be inserted on the memory card slot? Interesting

  22. So The GB Hunter Won't Play Unlicensed games, huh? That's Ironic Considering that Device Itself Was Made Without any involvement from Nintendo!

  23. Are these 3rd party consoles are official company accesseries

  24. I thought Patton Oswalt was narrating this video for a minute.

  25. Omoniyi Adenusi // NiyiTheMVTMFan2007 says:

    I wonder if the Advanced Game Port is compatible with the Wii.

  26. How dare you not put mega man 64 at the top of the pile

  27. How dare you not put oracle of ages at the top of the pile

  28. These are some cool accessories! I think the Super Gameboy player, and GameCube player are amazing! I'm glad I was able to learn and experience different things on this channel! Great Content Norm! Keep it Brother! Many Blessings to you and your family!

  29. Hernan the Blue the Puppy and Aubrey Cox Fan says:

    I could play Game Boy games on N64.

  30. 6:50
    Weird that you don't know what V-sync means. It's a really common thing in gaming. It means the frames will be rounded down to what your monitor can display. With V-sync it slows it down slightly to make sure it won't push an image if the monitor isn't yet ready to display it. Without that you can get screen tearing where you have two halves of an image and you can see the seam because they are not identical.

  31. These GameBoy console add-on videos have been some of my favorites.

  32. Apologies in advance if my narration sounds a little…off. I was dealing with some serious congestion after being sick! The show must go on, as they say. Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

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