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304 – Top 6 Circle Time ESL Games for Kids

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Here I present the top 6 ESL Circle time games for kindergarten and training centers. You can use these games for outdoor and indoor lessons.

Game# 6:
Have them hold hands in a circle. The teacher in the middle tries to find a way and go out. Next, you can call anyone else who wanna be in the middle.

Game# 5:
Have a few kids hold their hands open wide so one can pass through it.
Two kids chasing each other going in/out of the circle.

Game # 4:
Have a few kids hold hoops in a circle. 2 or more kids go around, and when they hear the ring, they should quickly get in the circle while the teacher will chase them.

Game # 3:
Have them go around the chairs, give high five to teachers and say a sentence or word.

Game # 2:
Number buzz: Have them sit in the circle, counting numbers (let’s say from 1-17) on a specific number (let’s say 17), everyone gets up and says buzz like a bee whoever says that number.

Game # 1:
This is good for practicing questions:
Have them walk in a circle singing a song. A blindfolded teacher will point to someone and try to guess by asking questions. “Is he Jim? Elsa? Ella? Jarry ….? and the kids need to respond ” No, he isn’t. / Yes, he is.

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