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3 Rules Of Game That Turn Boys Into Men

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3 rules of game they don’t want you to know about. Improving your game is easily one of the easiest ways to increase your value.


  1. Until you, as a man, understand that you don't NEED a girl in your life to be happy and complete, you'll never really attract them. Women can tell when a man is self-sufficient and that makes a man totally different than the other 99% of guys they're used to dealing with. Women want a guy who's different…

  2. I wanna point out that giving someone an emotional rollercoaster is not healthy bonding,
    and only feeds into the insecurities girls more often than not have- just as men do.

    The author of the video basically gave away a toolbox for predatory behavior,
    and reduced women to certain aspects, which aren't even scientifically backed up.

    If a man attempts to exploit emotional insecurity like that he will succeed to get a lot of women,
    but he will instantly get rid of any suitable long-term option at the same time.

    Any long term relationship undergoes an evolution, where initial motivations and feelings slowly exchange for stability and trust.
    A state that many men and women don't understand because they are culturally bombarded with examples of ideal love and eternal romance.

    Love is more than attraction and games.

  3. Ask any older man how he’s been married so long answer is handle your business an cheat then show her a bit of attention

  4. Honestly if you're trying to pull the less you care the better he's underestimating the power of attention, giving it to things and hobbies is just as powerful while simultaneously giving you more things you'd rather think about other than her

  5. You dont have to consciously do any of these things. I mean if you make a decision to restrict your attention when it comes to girls or be a novelty or try to take her on an emotional rollercoaster, what you've done is show that you are still simping. It may look like the opposite of being a simp but its not, you are still performing for women, you're still jumping through hoops and doing it all so that secretly you will get something from women. You're doing it to manipulate them, or Hack the code so that the end game is, you get something from women. And when you do that you are still a simp. The solution is really straight forward: Focus on your purpose, no matter what. Thats it. Because when you are completely focused on your mission in life, you will automatically and naturally, restrict your attention, women will not be your goal, accomplishing your God given purpose in this life will be. You will naturally be a novelty because you wont be chasing girls, even if the hottest woman in the world where to present herself to you, you wouldn't just jump all over that chance, you'd carefully assess her and take your time, you'd test her character despite her appearance because you know that "Even the devil presents himself behind the veil of a fair appearance".. And because youre focused on your purpose, any woman who you let it into your life will automatically be included in the adventure. Dont do these things with the secret goal of getting something from women, literally abandon those pursuits entirely. Give all of your energy to your God given purpose and this will bring everything else into alignment. Theres a line in the bible; "Woman was made for man but man was not made for woman. Man was made for God".. Thats enough to trigger every 3rd wave feminist in the world but it is the truth. We as men were not made for women, we were made for God himself, whereas women were made for us. So that if you make a woman your goal you are messing with a divine order (and you'll lose if you try to do this).

  6. If you do not bring drama to her life… She will make your life miserable and trust me you do not want that

  7. I always put my girl on an emotional rollercoaster and I didn't know that until I watched this video🤣. This guy is spitting facts

  8. Wow. My boy here preaching avoidant fuckboy behavior. Be aware; this behavior leads to sex addiction, sadness and perpetual loneliness

  9. You know what attracts women….who cares…..what do women want….who cares……..

  10. The issue here is being someone women want attention from. Either way, good advice.

  11. This video saying girls becoming so appealing to guys due to their less attention might not be true.. someone that really give attention to everything good with tender heart is really appealing….

  12. Your right my problem is I'm too needy right now, I need to focus more on not needing that

  13. They need both positive and negative energies, you have to make them feel both.

  14. Women are fickle. They use drama to maintain leverage and test men. It's powerful and they know it

  15. #3 is why I've stayed solo the last 5 years. I just don't want to deal with that shit.

  16. movies teach us for 100 years the exact opposite, and then we wonder why reality is different

  17. screw girls drama and their emotional roller coaster. if it weren't for sexual attraction, 99% of women would be single

  18. I watched the whole video and still couldn't figure out what game he's talking about
    Like is this a new Apex Legends update? Is this the new Call of Duty? Maby Daddy Dating Simulator (I've never played this one, so I don't know how deep the meta is)?
    Somebody help me out with this

  19. Precious informations, how to apply this practically?

  20. Social media is destroying a lot of women. False Sense of security. 👍👌💯

  21. Rollercoaster…it works but is it fun..the drama game..woman love a married guy over a single guy cause of the intense drama..my x has been on a Rollercoaster for 10 years..in my opinion these woman lose their identity and become caught in a delusional fantasy..which to me is unattractive and fake

  22. Load of crap!
    Any self respecting woman would never fall for such a player… narcissist in making!!

  23. Who cares for game or games or drama. Leave that to the losers in life, there life to be lived ,things to get done….

  24. I have no idea why I'm watching this video about crap that I really don't care about anymore. Keep your rollercoaster guys.

  25. i know this sounds stupid, but be yourself, not the self you think you otta be. be the same guy you are in the shower, cooking dinner, driving to work. people can spot a faker from a mile away.. I got lucky and have the best girl in the world, it wasnt easy but it is damn sure worth it.

  26. A woman's core power lies in her ability to seduce. If you want an even playing field then do not allow yourself to be subjugated to this.

    Pleasure is not happiness.
    Pleasure is visceral /dopamine while happiness is ethereal /serotonin
    Seeking pleasure never leads to happiness
    In fact pleasure has more in common with misery than happiness

  27. good video, but wrong analogy of gold n water, the world will do without gold but it won't last a second without water

  28. Just avoid complementing her and seeming thirsty. Do only the minimum.

  29. Telephone Engineer and ring doorbell installer says:

    Avoid the diseased ridden, gold digging western women who will steal your resources in the courts and travel abroad.
    Just don't bring them back here.

  30. Thank you sir for sharing this knowledge..This is precise and on point!

  31. Resume of this boring video: Behave like a CAT, instead of behaving like a DOG.
    You're welcome 😎

  32. Be very careful believing any of this shit, there is no psychological evidence of any of this, no experiments or peer review. This is an ideology formed from biased projected thinking. Thinking you need a bunch of women to get the woman you desire is destructive device.

  33. I want this video to blow up
    I always try to make my friends understand this but they are just a bunch of dumasses.

  34. Third aspect kind of sounds like narcissism bruh

  35. So in other words, women love to be lied to! That's why players are liars. And the reason they don't have attention is because they are busy with their other 5 female associates. They could care less about the game, they just want sex.

  36. Remember not to give the woman your non existent dick (because its so small you need a telescope)

  37. Problem with your whole premises is only a very small percent of men actually have options. 20% have many options 70% have few options and 10% DOA no options whatsoever. And the biggest problem is women only want the attention of the top 20%, the rest of you are just annoying in their eyes.

  38. Men go through these changes all because they want some pussy…. How silly just take care of you business !!! and watch what it do for you effortlessly… When it comes to women,,, in other WORDS be the PUPPET MASTER NOT the puppet…. Words of the Legendary Reynard Elzey….

  39. Hope to not get hate here, But these tips doesn't work if you are a 6 or below, maybe poor, not funny, not a dancer, not in social media and you are trying to hit a pretty girl (If you are trying to hit below averge girl anything will work, just don't be a jerk). The problem here is that Good guys want pretty girls with no Brain and is like mixing oil with water.
    These tips only works for normal average guys above 8, funny, that dance and have a fun instagram shit. Been smart or to have good feelings will never get you a pretty nice girl, no matter what tecnique you use.
    Henry Cavill can be an asshole, be broke, don't apply these tips and girls will always be in love of him cause he's handsome. He will always have pretty girls doing the line for him.

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