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3 Game Boy Games at Once?

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3 Game Boy Games at Once?

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  1. Thank you so much, I have been trying to find out the name of this for so long.

  2. And what tard was it that assumed people would think that you could play all three games at once and needed to clarify otherwise?

  3. A physical Operating System

  4. If you ever feel useless.. remember there's this thing that switches cartridges for you.

  5. Do you sell New Nintendo 3DS’s or just normal pink or purple 3DS’s

  6. Does this archery work on Gameboy color?

  7. Had this as a kid, so mad that I sold it! Gotta find one for a good price someday soon

  8. I remember removing and inserting the cartridge being fun

  9. Super Mario Bros. 3, Game & Watch Gallery 4, Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls. That would be my current load out.

  10. You know everyone wants to know what happens if you don't turn it off first!

  11. Wish I had one of these when I was a kid

  12. I think everyone this wondering what happens if you flick the switch without turning the gameboy off

  13. He looks like Malcom from Malcom in the middle

  14. I keep looking on the website and can't find it

  15. Me: Sad we didn't get the DSi with two cart slots (Nintendo thought about it but didn't bother).
    DKoldies: we got you covered.
    Me: well at least the GBA has one by a third party licensed by Nintendo or not this is pretty cool. I forget if there is a DS or 3DS one if I've seen somewhere from another YTber like Retro Future or something that's similar but still.

  16. What if you switch games, while one is still running?

  17. Back in the day I just used a flash cartridge. Called it a day.

  18. If you have to turn it off to switch games then that's false advertising on three games at once

  19. Eh I'll just stick with the Controller add on setup from DreamGear

  20. Three games at once would be cool i wish I had one

  21. I have one of those it was nice carrying 3 games in once

  22. a.k.a. a monument to the average american's laziness

  23. นคินทร์ หงษ์สกุล says:

    Is it just me or does he kinda look like jschllat

  24. Imagine playing Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Versions. You'll be a true Hoenn Champion and can let you summon Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.

  25. I'm stuck on the Zelda monish cap final boss third phase when he's Infront of the sanctuary I can't figure out how to hit him

  26. I mean, you can also turn it off, use your hands to pick the other game, put it in and turn it on, it's not that hard

  27. Wouldn’t want the inconvenience of switching cartridges 😂

  28. It's basically a holder that saves you the trouble of having to find the game

  29. Had one of these, loved it! Could throw it in my school bag to have at all times. It let me carry three games on hand without risking losing one.

  30. dude, i'd love to have a gameboy advance someday, out of all the Nintendo consoles

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