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23 Years Later, there’s a new Game Boy Color screen

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The original Game Boy Color screen isn’t great. Funnyplaying has now released their IPS kit version 2, with way more features than I’ve seen in any Game Boy screen.

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  1. Watching this on a Game boy color, can confirm that screen looks cleannn.

  2. 209€ for a gbc you must be idiot for this buy.

  3. The game boy screen is why I need glasses today. Doctors call it astigmatism…. 😂

  4. Can we get the Wullf Den shell to put on our own DMG?

  5. still mad my sister just took MY clear purple Gameboy color that I got for my 7th bday (in 2007..lmao still don't know how my parents got one after it's discontinuation back then) because I always used to take hers to play dk (it was the solid purple gbc)
    One of her kids broke her gbc and then she just took mine without askin, she also took all the games that I kept in a case together with my gameboy… and she ain't givin it back for sure
    so seeing this video is honestly making me want to buy an already modded gbc off of etsy not gonna lie

  6. Looks great but I'd rather just mode a GBA and get that whole advance catalog too.

  7. The SP would be cool modded with that screen

  8. Holy mermaid man and barnacle boy that screen looks beautiful

  9. I'm tempted. It beats playing the games on a emulator.

  10. Outstanding call out for Macho Nacho!! Can’t recommend his vids for retro mods enough.

  11. this would be awesome with a rechargeable battery mod

  12. I eat meat. Will Vessi shoes still work on my feet?

  13. @wulffden Playing my Gameboy Advance in the backseat using the passing street light to light my screen for moments is such a great memory. That was some great writing

  14. Hey Bob have you ever hooked a Wavebird up to a switch?

  15. pulls out her sega game gear still got the marks on it from when i was a kid when where i tried to rake the dpad out of it with a knife memories everywhere

  16. ugh bob is sooo lame. F this guy. "I DIDN'T MOD THIS, I JUST BOUGHT IT ONLINE." Lame. Up next, "I don't actually play this thing, or games at all. I just chase online clout and sell things via affiliate links because I'm a hack and bum. I've never even played super metroid (he actually said this in a best SNES ROMS on Swtich video, F THIS GUY, LOL). yet I act like I'm an authority on video games and classic nintendo titles." Shut up, Bob.

  17. yo bob where you get that pastelillo/empanada/empanadilla in the sponsor spot tho

  18. I'm waiting for my Analog Pocket which is going to be AMAZING (if they decide to actually release it)

  19. I saw the b role for this video, it was great. Where is the b role for the ad though?

  20. Obligatory comment to help the wulff boi and his aloe riddim or whatever they call it.

  21. Where the magnifying glass with the built-in worm light? Blow that screen up but somehow make it less readable!

  22. Wario 3 is easily one of the best 2d platformers. Super under rated.

  23. Dude this stuff has been going on for nearly a decade there are companies both manufacturing these designs and selling them this is just the most recent one and it’s not even their final one they are working another one currently

  24. With this new addition maybe screen suppliers will catch up with demand.

    No? Not even close?

  25. It’s bigger than normal and it’s really throwing me off 😂

  26. And another screen that's not the same size as the original, pass 😅

  27. We have come a long way for the gameboy colors advancement. Thanks to the geniuses that have sought to advance the screen technology

  28. Bob, your videos are insanely well-crafted. You make the best ad spots on YouTube, too

  29. clicks video, stares at wallet. pulls out worm light, sighs and orders ips screen.

  30. I already did my GBA so I planned on doing my GBC at some point with a custom case

  31. You said there aren't a lot of great games on Game Boy, but there really are. Donkey Kong 94, Final Fantasy Adventure, TLoZ Link's Awakening, Mole Mania, Super Mario Land 2, and Pokemon Red and Blue were my favorites growing up. They're definitely still worth playing today.

  32. Your price breakdown of the components plus a gbc show that website has a great deal BUT it also proves that the Analogue Pocket is an amazing deal. Only $200 for all its features.

  33. Dude, I love your ads. I sometimes just watch for your ads! No other channel on YouTube can hold a candle to yours. Everyone skips ads, but when u make them, they’re enjoyable, even if I don’t want the product

  34. YO! Whys this guy droppin taco on my boi moistcriticals shoes

  35. BennVenn has been making drop in lcd kits for a while. No soldering. Bright great looking screens. I know, it's not ips. But still. And for $50 and almost zero skill to install. Can you go wrong?

  36. Waste of money.
    I haven't played a Game Boy in over 20 years, because all the games are old and crap. Just use an emulator if you are that desperate.

  37. the option to backlight the gameboy color logo is very cool!! but its not done right.. each letter is a different color. When they can pull that off, I will be impressed!

  38. Do they have a modded GameBoy Advance or SP? I feel like it's pointless to get a modded GameBoy Color when one could just get a modded GameBoy Advance or SP & could just play both generation of games.

  39. Is anyone gonna talk abiut hoe amazing his little commercial he shot was? Am I the only impressed by how legit that was?

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