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23 Years Later, there’s a new Game Boy Color screen

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The original Game Boy Color screen isn’t great. Funnyplaying has now released their IPS kit version 2, with way more features than I’ve seen in any Game Boy screen.

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  1. I saw the screen and immediately did a screenshot of the name of the product and liked your video. 😊 I want one! 😊 Good video, man

  2. Just built the GBA mod last night it was my first time soldering so it was harder than it looked

  3. 23 Years Later ?? You have been under a rock. lol

  4. I'd probably do this for the original GameBoy Advance systems first since those also ran Gameboy and Gameboy color games. I'd want to add in a rechargable battery pack and maybe better speakers and I'd be good to go!

  5. Two of my screens had some "defective" pixels in the corner. Moving the screen basically helps it with those kinds of defects

  6. Wow – looks gorgeous. Definitely getting one!

    You asked what other mods/systems would be cool to see, and honestly I’d be most excited to see a Neogeo Pocket Color with an IPS screen, but I know it’s niche. I’m also curious if anything interesting can be done with the GB Operator.

  7. I bricked the first gbc i tried this on. Second time went better, had to buy a new gbc on eBay. It's a great mod.

  8. probably the most intricate screen mod ive seen for the GBC. I guess a rechargeable battery mod would be necessary to keep up with how much power it uses haha.

  9. Stop blowing on your cartridges or I'll REMOVE my like on this video! (Not dislike it, I'm not a monster.)

  10. Why though? You can emulate GBC on everything! Wouldn't it be cheaper to get a 3DSXL?

  11. Disagree with your thoughts on the dmg ips screen mod. You can’t beat playing the original Tetris on the Original Gameboy in perfect resolution. The nostalgia and experience is so much better than what you experience with a gameboy color.

  12. 9:13 yeah Bob thats a lot. A modded Gameboy Color should cost $150 max. The parts are cheap to manufacture and the labor isn’t that difficult. People please don’t fall for this kind of crap just buy your parts and either assemble it yourself or bring it to someone who can help. $220 is nuts for any kind of Gameboy in 2021. The DSi XL already comes with an ips screen and if you mod that you can put GBA games on it.

  13. Bob is so funny, that's why I watch the entire video including sponsors

  14. 1:02 and Knuckles, featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

  15. Ill prob end up getting one and modding my sisters gbc

  16. I got mine but it won't work with the sensor I can't address the brightness or change the colors

  17. You know……. I usually skip through the ads but this one… this one was good.

  18. 0:27 I was literally just recalling being about four to five years old playing Mario kart super circuit (barely) by the light of passing street lamps. The screen was only visible maybe one out of every five seconds. I wasn't allowed to have the interior lights on while we were driving of course.

  19. Yo hold up you just sold me on those shoes. Waterproof you say?

  20. Bro! Why did you make this video? Now Game Boy colors are going to be too expensive for any normal person to purchase, you're a piece of shit.

  21. Yeah that IPS game boy is really cool 😄

  22. Fam those black on black Vessis looking kinda clean, pun not intended.

  23. I’d buy it if was a mod on the clamshell model.

  24. I have two. It’s amazing, however I bricked one of them and I cannot get it running again. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. Or you just do the plebian an buy a GB Boy colour for 30 bucks.

  26. He said weekend project.. lol. Takes about an hour.

  27. Why isn't Nintendo doing this type of things? they already did the classic mini NES and mini SNES why not the the "Ultimate Game boy" … just saying!

  28. saving me some money on some shoes, thanks wulff den

  29. I love this particular GBC mod so much that I bought two of them.

  30. But I've already put an IPS screen in a DMG.

    Then set it so it looks like the old puke green.

  31. sweet Jesus! what a rad screen you have there, Bob

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