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23 Years Later, there’s a new Game Boy Color screen

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The original Game Boy Color screen isn’t great. Funnyplaying has now released their IPS kit version 2, with way more features than I’ve seen in any Game Boy screen.

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  1. Everyone talking about having to use a lamp or worm light when playing these old Gameboys (or in my case, Neo Geo Pocket Color), I have to ask. Did anyone beside me ever use a headlamp when playing these non-backlit systems growing up? It looked silly, but I could actually see my games in any light condition.

  2. Interesting and impressive how the Gameboy colour console improved, though it sounds expensive, I mean $200 for a Gameboy colour

  3. Literally have the exact same build. I did replace the speaker with the transparent one.

  4. I love these mods, its just hard to justify them when you can get a 2dsxl and play the entire gameboy ds and 3ds lineup on a great screen in a similar form factor and a battery sized for the display. Not hating at all these mods are gorgeous and im happy to see people are even into making these. Its just hard to justify at this time for me personally.

  5. Hmmm.
    * pulls out gameboy colour and collection of original pokemon games. *
    rubs chin

  6. That’s a sick lookin’ screen! Console modding has come a long way.

  7. I use a Nintendo DS with a flash card and a GBC emulator.

  8. Do they have any rechargable battery mods for this? Like rechargeable lithium ion pack mods?

  9. "Oh well since this is 2021 it must be a really nice OLED screen. Could even make the battery life much longer too!"
    "Hahaha IPS screen bestest."

  10. That screen is beautiful 😱 Am I crazy for saying I prefer this screen compared to any handheld consoles 😱 Even if it has a lower resolution

  11. You brought back traumatic memories with the streetlight comment. I remember trying to get through pokemon battles by making a move only at the streetlights.

  12. Am I the only one who wishes theyd advance that sun lit screen tech some more? the amount of energy wasted to see devices in the sun is crazy when I think about how my gba sp had to turn off a function to get more function lol. if my switch had the sun lit screen id play outside more often.

  13. Anybody remember clicking the light accessory onto your Gameboy Advance to play it at night? 😭

  14. I'm not a Nintendo fanboy but I want one for nostalgia

  15. I put an ISP screen in a DMG Gameboy. 😬

  16. awesome screen but if you want to play that in the beach for example you are fucked, the original otherwise looks so good and battery life is amazing. I think all the youtube comparisons only show the old gbc in his worst case scenario

  17. can't decide? do both
    unmodded gbp / dmg
    backlit dmg
    & Q5 on the way

    if you dont want to overspend just mod a 3ds

  18. while I appreciate the mod and the feel of the GBC, my Retron5 knocking it out the park

  19. Man I'm really tempted to grab one of your branded gameboys they're so badass!!

  20. I'd really like to see Nintendo release a Game Boy Colour.

  21. Saw this on Instagram and it looks amazing. I’d purchase their GBA mod in a heartbeat

  22. That with an ez flash junior slapped into it would be perfect

  23. we need the pokemon company to make pokemon sword and shield in 8 bit style like crystal.. but add the hold b to run option. OR drop a game and watch pokemon edition with crystal built in with a hold b to run option

  24. How does it affect, effect,….. battery life in terms of longevity?

    I'm kinda stoned and didn't know which word was the right one to use.

    My guess is "affect"

  25. ohhh the nostalgia.
    the need to play on the exact angle on the exact light level, i remember burning my hair on a candle (because electricity was out of course)
    while playing and trying to get all the treasures in Wario Land.

  26. Bruh, $70 for a gbc on eBay? I can easily find one for around $30 on there.

  27. Do they change the gamma to compensate how devs used super saturated colors in order to, redundantly, compensate the lack of lighting on the gbc screen? because there's some gbc games that are a little hurtful to the eye without color dimming

  28. 3:45 I just wish they’d have shells in opaque green, then I would buy one already assembled and play my huge collection of both Tetris and Game & Watch.

  29. Literally was hoping to find someone to build it for me and the end of the video you mentioned just that!!! Scurries over to check their inventory and shipping costs to the uk . Cant thank you enough for this video!

  30. Why don't you guys just get gb boy colors, they play gameboy carts and have a back light built in

  31. still dont think ill be modding my GBC untill there is a battery mod

  32. I got this mod! Exact same atomic purple case too! My Backlight is sketchy though so they're sending a replacement.

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