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2018 Boys’ Under Armour All America Lacrosse Game Highlights

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Highlights from the 2018 Boys’ Under Armour All America Lacrosse Game played on June 30, 2018.


  1. Damn this channel is amazing, If only you kept making videos. 😞

  2. Here after Zander Dickson tore up Notre Dame

  3. Very enjoyable to watch it! I know a secure and friendly Ganjing World platform; your videos should be shared on it to reach more viewers. I can help repost your videos on that platform without changing any period information. Interesting enough to you? Thanks for replying to this comment!

  4. I wish this page was still active. We lost a good teaching tool when this page stopped posting.

  5. When are you gonna post the girls highlights or full game?

  6. wish that D used some body like we use to do back in the day

  7. Please do more film break down of teams please I love shareing these videos with my team

  8. Any chance you can make a video of just successful team slides? The hot slide, the off ball help and 2 slide, and the on ball recover and find one?

  9. 11:12 "Virgina Cavaliers gonna have a situation"


    2019 National Champions

  10. I am trying to understand this game but it's really hard because I haven't played it, but it looks interesting.

  11. they should call one team under and the other armor

  12. would have loved to lean to play Lacrosse when young, but they don’t play this game in the UK, and I’m way to old now, unless there is a version that allows Zimmer frames.

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