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2017 Boys’ Under Armour All America Lacrosse Game Highlights

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Highlights and all the celebrations from the 2017 Under Armour All America Boys’ Lacrosse Game where the North defeated the South 18-16.


  1. lol i'm not american but this sport looks stupid as fuck

  2. I'm only here because I'm reading the foxhole court and had no idea of how the hell this game works

  3. Looks Really Afraid, to get hit w/ it. … should not be soft lead doodies, solid.

  4. 高校生ラクロス

  5. You guys probably won't believe me but I'm number 20 from south

  6. I play box lacrosse .and man in field you score so many more goals it insane

  7. Why only knows this sport from teen wolf 🤣🤣🤣🤩

  8. South's shorts look like they almost have Rebel flags, pretty sick.

  9. st. ignatius is actually in san francisco, not mill valley

  10. Did they all have to use different variations of the command

  11. Dude we’re can I get one of them nets??🇺🇸🔥

  12. Wow these civil war re-enactments are getting pretty weird.

  13. Just finished my last highschool season, kinda bummed I didn’t get a good offer and I’m done with the sport😕

  14. i never knew what lacrosse was so i i wanted to find out. Conclusion: lacrosse is the weirdest sport i have ever seen

  15. Just watching for the first …and got to know about this game only for a Government exam…😂😂🤣🤣

  16. I wonder why True La Crosse is no longer played. Bands of warriors would carry the ball through rough natural terrain. terrain with rocks, swamps, rivers and streams to cross, terrain with bears and rattlesnakes, terrain with enemy tribes and extreme weather. It was a way to train warriors to move swiftly through their domains, defend the borders of their small nations and quickly move to the aid of allied tribes. But it served an era when men had no horses, and the style may be needed again.
    If I were in charge of America, I would train my men by encouraging them to play La Crosse on the big field. How fast can your men move in their territories?
    The American Cavalry is going to be very busy.
    Clear away the dead wood and gear up.

  17. I loved when he said “don’t let people tell you 7th grade is too late” this is going to be my second year in the spring and I started in 7th grade. Made me feel good.

  18. I'm only here because of the foxhole court but damn such a great game that is

  19. i didnt know this sport existed untill i watch teen wolf xd

  20. I wish we had this sport in my country

  21. Scott mccall is the best player on that pitch

  22. I wanna play this game but I live in Philippines which is the third world country and we don't even have football and lacrosse on public schools even tho we have huge field it's just soccer and basketball and voleyball

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