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20 Games To Play Using the Super Game Boy

John Hancock
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The Super Game Boy was an accessory released in 1994 that allows Game Boy cartridges to be played on a Super Nintendo. The Super Game Boy offered options to adjust the color palette , as well as override the on-screen colors, display a graphical border around the screen, and display special background sprites. Some games offered even more features. In this video, I take 20 games that I had on hand and demonstrate some of the cool features the Super Game Boy offered. Did you use the Super Game Boy? What games did you play using it? Comment below and thank you for watching!
List of Super Game Boy Games:


  1. Donkey Kong is awesome on the SNES Super Game Boy! And I love that Space Invaders has a 16 bit version for the Super Game Boy on the cartridge as well!

  2. Another awesome video John! I just recently got into the Super Gameboy when I got my Super Nt. I have about 5 or 6 original Gameboy games. I enjoy playing them that way!

  3. Thanks for uploading this today. Guess the haters have slept in as they are starting to slip with the downvotes.

  4. John what are some good cheap Super Nintendo clones with HDMI you would recommend?

  5. I played all of them on Super Game Boy. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Movie game are made for Super Game Boy. Also Great games.

  6. Ah the Super Game Boy, I owned one before my first Game Boy. Was very disappointed with the Gamecube equivalent, which lacked so many features of this. Great video.

  7. 20 games in 10 minutes. That must of been difficult. I mean, you get into playing a game and it's difficult to put down. So, actually I expect this is really a 3 hour video condensed down to 10 minutes! Still, the best part of this video is that we can assume you and your family are safe. I really hope so. I hope the immortal John Hancock lives up to his name!

  8. Wishing safety for you and your family. Maybe this virus will be gone one day. I have never been to a convention, but would love to come to one and shake your hand and thank you in person. John, you are an awesome person and I think a lot of you as a friend and creator. God bless.

  9. The games look great in that way! Can you play this with emulation? Is there roms like this? Would be great!

  10. You could have shown Space Invaders footage from the SNES cart. None of us would have known.

  11. Mega Man 5 on the Super Game Boy, to me, is the best way to play. The custom border the Super Game Boy gives it was perfect.

  12. You suck at playing retro games !!! I played crash on gba and I too suck at the games now! Is it the game !!! Much older so sad hahaha

  13. Now I'm about to play my super Gameboy! Right now I'm actually playing wario land on my virtual boy. But watching this makes me want to put my Gameboy camera into my super Gameboy and play all of the different side games, as well as put funny stamps on my pics and print them!

  14. Gameboy and gameboy color were my life savers watching my sisters softball games all the time as a kid . Great video marioland 2 is still one of my favorites all time stay healthy

  15. Super size the screen then, bring the gameboy closer to you're mug denim Dan!..

  16. Probably my favorite video game peripheral of all time.

  17. I just recently completed Link’s Awakening on the Super Gameboy and you are spot on-it is well worth a playthrough on the Super GB. I preferred the red/purple palette.

  18. The best part about DK for Gameboy is that there are tons of new levels that no other version has. It's basically a whole new game.

  19. "RT 85" Sit back relax, oh !! My God!! its Stevevy Richards !!!! 🙂

  20. I really appreciate you talking about the Game & Watch Gallery series, G&W Gallery 2 is one of my favorite games mostly because of nostalgia, I spent hours on it as a kid. Still the best way to play some old Game & Watch games which you sadly can't emulate.

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