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20 Games To Play Using the Super Game Boy

John Hancock
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The Super Game Boy was an accessory released in 1994 that allows Game Boy cartridges to be played on a Super Nintendo. The Super Game Boy offered options to adjust the color palette , as well as override the on-screen colors, display a graphical border around the screen, and display special background sprites. Some games offered even more features. In this video, I take 20 games that I had on hand and demonstrate some of the cool features the Super Game Boy offered. Did you use the Super Game Boy? What games did you play using it? Comment below and thank you for watching!
List of Super Game Boy Games:


  1. I vividly remember both Donkey Kong and Space Invaders being the games I played the most (and, well, Pokemon Blue of course), but the SGB was definitely a super cool accessory and it would've been great to see devs get more creative with it.

  2. Don't forget that Donkey Kong is a huge and difficult game with so many more levels than you might expect by the cover. It seems to me it's the beginning of the "Mario vs. Donkey Kong" series.

  3. Try Tetris DX on Super Gameboy. There are some Gameboy Color games that use the Super Gameboy effectively….Battlezone/Super Breakout is also good.

  4. 18 games to play on your Super Gameboy plus Killer Instinct and Donkey Kong Country (both are better off played on the SNES carts)

  5. I got mine few months ago. I love Kirby games on ti. Beautiful and relaxing 😎

  6. Please someone explain how they get the graphics for the background overlays? Are they stored on the GAmeBoy Cart or the Super GameBoy? Presumably the latter. Man theres so many cool SGB overlays.

  7. Damn the pokemon GB gives me mad nostalgia. When you put it in the N64 transfer pack, thats the background overlay that it uses too when you play Pokemon on big screen via Pokemon Stadium

  8. Kirby's Dream Land 2, Mega Man 5 and Mario's Picross are some faves that took advantage of the SGB.

  9. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    Awesome job with the vid John! The super gameboy is awesome but I honestly prefer the hand held more most of the time.

  10. no pokemon red blue or yellow??? those games were a legend truly a legend in the 90s. i ditched school for them

  11. It was the best sir! Space Invaders was magical or amazing programming too It contains a full Super Nintendo copy inside!! I have Super Game Boy 2 sir this year 2020 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  12. Pocket Bomberman & Tetris Blast both look really cool, I never heard of em! Love the Super Game Boy, looking forward to the Retron Jr. too myself.

  13. Wow!! Your content the past month or so have been spot on.., love the off beat, creative topics.

  14. I still use the SGB but I rarely like the color options. Usually I prefer the black and white pallette.

  15. john take your time with the demos in the videos, theyre so fun to watch but feel like you just want it over with. we got nothin else to do. make your channel immortal!!!!!!!

  16. Kind of interesting that you'd say about Donkey Kong Land "oh, you can just play Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo." Sure, you can, but Land has a lot of unique levels and content. Its a lot more than just a Donkey Kong Country port. So, you'd be missing out on a bunch of exclusive content.

  17. Thanks John, any further top 20s with the Nintendo handhelds for the future?

  18. Man… I had so much fun changing the color palette of my gameboy games. The Super Game Boy really was mind-blowing for me as a kid.
    Great times John, thanks for the nostalgia, great video!! 🤘

    Ps: and if I'm not wrong we could draw the background.. it was amazing!

  19. The supergameboy war my entry to gameboy games.

  20. Parodius Da! is a great one for the super game boy 🙂

  21. I pulled out my Super Game Boy and was going through my game boy games and noticed that one of my personal favorites was also a Super Game Boy game pak. I just hadn't played it on my super game boy before. James Bond 007 for gameboy is a really fun, detailed and immersive game that is exclusive to the Game Boy. The customer Super Game Boy Frame makes in look like that game is being played on James Bond's soy watch. It looks pretty cool!

  22. Correct me if I'm remembering something that never happened. Wasn't there an option to put a canvas border around the game and draw on it as well?

  23. Was a subscriber for many years/I've silently unsubed and moved on but what's going on with the museum?. there has been no progress what so ever…

  24. I played a game on the pc many, many years ago called Mamba. Qix reminded me about it. It is very similar. Do you know Mamba? Also Contra looks a lot like Probotector.

  25. A great accessory, that benefits not only SNES users, also Game Boy Color ones. Also the whole stylish and aura of the system has a lot o appeal.

  26. Highly recommend Pocket Bomberman, it’s one of the first games I had for my GBC and I played the crap out of it.

  27. Final Fantasy Legend I, II, III ( Legend 3 is a lost gem : massive for a GameBoy RPG!!_

    Final Fantasy Adventure
    Metroid II

  28. Cool episode. Can you make more handheld coop games. Full walkthrough. Like GB double dragon 2, Balloon Kid etc. No one ever done that… So we see both screens full play through. BTW Great show!

  29. Here's the list of my rather small GameBoy library Since all of them are compatible with Super GameBoy, they are all something I would probably play with that accessory.

    The Chessmaster

    Go! Go! Tank

    Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

    Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

    Mega Man II


    The Ren & Stimpy Show: Space Cadet Adventures

    Solar Striker

    Space Invaders

    Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

    Super Mario Land

    Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

    Super R.C. Pro-Am


    Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

  30. You missed the mark on Tetris blast without mentioning the fight mode . If you didn’t play fight mode and you are any good at Tetris go play it right now

  31. Galaga arcade classics on super gameboy arcade color palette. Was my favorite way to play galaga

  32. OH MAN, I loved Pocket Bomber Man as a kid! I also had the Super Gameboy as well so it made the game even better. The music for the last world was amazing. It reminded me of the Darkness theme (level 2) in Castlevania Adventure for Game Boy…oh man, it STILL gives me shivers and goosebumps. Castlevania Adventure was probably not the best version of the franchise but they nailed it with the soundtrack. Thank you for this trip down nostalgia lane.

  33. Me sees there is a red and yellow cartridges: those are Pokemon red and yellow aren’t they

  34. Fun fact: The ds(on r4) has gameyob, which is a gb/gbc emu w the super game boy enhancements and borders

  35. RPGs like Pokemon are the games that could benefit the most from the SGB.

  36. And the DK gets an added audio boost. Pauline has a voice, and some music gets an extra instrument or two, noticable during the end credits music especially.

  37. I bought the super game boy Bc I can’t afford a gameboy and now I’m waiting for my super Mario land to come in

  38. I wish some of the later releases of Game Boy games included more of the Super Game Boy features. Same with the Game Boy Player, it had different borders and added rumble to a few games but didn't carry over any of the Super Game Boy functions.

  39. God I miss my Super Gameboy. I’m sure my Mom sold it after I went to college. Time to visit the nearest retro game store!!

  40. 6:09 It KNOWS you're on a Super Game Boy and shows an SNES pad for the controls.

  41. Does the pokemon tcg gameboy game have a special screen?

  42. Holy shit you're the guy that ea makes the same God damn game for every year.

  43. Great video!
    I love playing Pokemon Pinball and Kirby Pinball using the Super Game Boy!

  44. I had a smurfs game that used the Super Gameboy to add a number of extra colours.

  45. Mega Man V is the only Mega Man Game Boy game with Super Game Boy functionality, funny enough, it’s the best out of all of them because it’s it’s own original game rather then being based on the console versions.

    It’s stupid expensive now but Japanese versions of the game are a lot cheaper so I recommend getting that which is called Rockman World 5, it’s the same game except it being Japanese which isn’t a problem with a Mega Man game at all tbh

  46. No Pokemon? one of the most colorful enhanced super gameboy games

  47. I am getting a Super Game Boy for my Super Nintendo during the Christmas holidays so I should play Barbie Game Girl (Hi Tech Expressions) 24/7

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