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1980s Critics Review Every GAME BOY Game on Nintendo Switch Online

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Have you heard? Nintendo finally added Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games to their Nintendo Switch Online subscription plans. We’ve already covered the GBA games and will be looking at the Color offerings tomorrow, which means today is all about the original, black and white Game Boy. Right now, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can download five old school Game Boy titles, including Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Kirby’s Dream Land, Gargoyle’s Quest, Metroid II: Return of Samus and, of course, Tetris. That’s a solid line-up, but are any of these games actually worth playing? To answer that question, I decided to flip through the pages of Electronic Gaming Monthly, GamePro, Computer & Video Games and more classic magazines to see what the critics said about these games when they first came out. I think it’s fair to say that now you’re playing with power, because this is a Game Boy-filled episode of the Nintendo Switch Online Review Crew.

0:00 – Introduction
1:12 – Commercial: Game Boy (U.S.)
1:43 – Tetris
3:46 – Gargoyle’s Quest
5:48 – Commercial: Game Boy for Adults (U.S.)
6:21 – Kirby’s Dream Land
8:48 – Metroid II: Return of Samus
10:51 – Commercial: Metroid II (Japan)
11:24 – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
14:24 – Commercial: Super Mario Land 2 (U.S.)
14:56 – Question of the Day

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  1. 850 has gotta be the highest score in this series so far. Numbers don’t lie. It’s the greatest game of all time.

  2. Love this series! Look forward to checking these out, though I'm admittedly more excited to play the GBC and GBA games.

  3. Forgot how evil they made Wario in his first outing. They only made him the lovable little greedy anti-hero in Wario Land (which was a criminal omission from Switch Online. They gave us Wario Land 3 but not the superb original? Insulting.)

  4. I'm pretty happy with this first set of games overall, but they definitely need to add more soon. I'm surprised (the unfairly maligned) original Super Mario Land was not included, although Mario Land 2 is certainly the fan favorite. I would have included both right off the bat. They also need to add both of the previous Wario Land games, as I was not that fond of Wario Land 3's structure compared to its predecessors.

  5. Meh. Don't get me wrong, it's a great selection for a starter pack.

    And kudos to you, for going the extra mile to dig up these original Gameboy reviews. I've been there. I know your pain. Except I didn't need to worry about a deadline. I have no idea how you keep all this organized; you really go that extra mile.

    Still, it's not got Megaman. Or Gradius. Or Parodius. Or Takara's fighting game ports. Or anything from Square.

    It's just not the same Gameboy I fell in love with. (Nevermind that it was Link's Awakening that really won me over. It was these other games that kept me from straying….too far….look, the Nomad doesn't count. Find me one exclusive. Game Gear? That was my first, also doesn't count. SNK – oh, really? We're going there? It was so brief. You might as well count the Virtual Boy, then…)

    Seriously though, I'm happy for anyone experiencing these games for the first time.

    I'm more impressed with the GBC line-up, though. Tilt N' Tumble? That's one that you can't simply throw on a PC. It's like the 50th Anniversary Atari collection or the Namco Museum on PS1 – give us a reason to want these things. Don't just throw a list of popular ROMs into a sub-PC quality emulator and call it a day.

  6. Honestly, if GB Tetris was the only title available in the line up, I'd still be happy lol. I've played that series a lot, but that version was the one that I never got to play much of, but always wanted to.

  7. Owned all of these games back then (and surprisingly most of the magazines) in this video. I recall reading a high praise review for Gargoyle's Quest that made it a "must have" for me. Unfortunately, I can't remember which mag…

  8. That commercial, "the revolutionary new game Tetris" haha. As much as Tetris is a game stable, it's on the same level as solitaire. A fun time burner.

    I feel like Firebrand's games should have gotten more love instead of just the high retro prices. All the games in the series are great.

    QOTD, Good lineup or stuff. Surprised they didn't roll out kid icarus or dr Mario but they'll probably hit later.

  9. This is definitely a great start. There are a bunch more great titles that need to be added, including the original Super Mario Land, and Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, but there's plenty of time to get the Switch store up to speed. 🙂

  10. aside from alone in the dark on gameboy (WHY though? I mean I get it it's probably the only one nintendo could get for launch) a pretty solid lineup, I mean you got mario, tetris, metroid, kirby AND zelda? so it's pretty stacked. I'm just happy some of it was made available for the basic subs.

  11. "After two 16-bit titles Kirby's making his way back to the handhelds…" buh?

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  13. I could tell, EGM wasn't a fan of GameBoy. In fact, if memory serves, the ones they did review was normally on the bottom of the list in ratings. As for the question, sounds like a fun collection of games. I've not played Super Mario Land 1 or 2, but maybe I'll check out 2 later on. 😉

  14. Thank you for reminding me why I always read Gamepro issue first then EGM

  15. I already own (yes, OWN) every GB, GBC and GBA games from the 3DS eShop (ambassador as well), and many on Wii U. Soooo .. I think NSO will never be worth it for me. 😀 But I still enjoy these videos a lot 🙂

  16. It should be noted that Jade was just a 12-year-old who won a contest to appear in one issue as a guest reviewer alongside George and Rob.

  17. Too little too late for switch. Never too late for retro reviews.

  18. I feel like Capcom really wants to revive the Gargoyle's Quest franchise. It appeared on Wii U Virtual Console, the 3DS, now on this. Demon's Crest appeared on te Switch Online's SNES service and hell, even the SNES Mini! Every time there's legacy editions, there's always either a Gargoyle's Quest or Demon's Crest released and I really wish it would get the recognition so that they'd make a new one. I don't even care if it's in a pixel art style looking like SNES, more flying, climbing and fireball shooting goodness would be all I need.

  19. 7:52 What in the world were those reviewers smoking? They got the title and the publisher wrong, and the review is clearly not about Kirby's Dream Land. I don't think they even played the damn game at all.

  20. Gargoyle's Quest, either not paying its review money, or they didn't want to publicly give a Capcom game a meh score.

  21. I can see how Kirby + Tetris would get 70%s. They're brief games without a lot of frills that even others on the system have.

  22. Excellent video premise!

    Man seeing the gamepro review scale faces again made me nostalgic af lol

  23. Myself I do not like tetris the OG version of tetris I freakin love Tetris Attack however and I love pokemon puzzle league and everything that came out afterwards that improved upon tetris letting you make combos and stack blocks on your opponents screen those games were an absolute blast. Myself though I don't care for the first tetris it's boring. I do give it credit for what it did but for me personally I would rather play Tetris Attack over vanilla Tetris any day of the week. It's like street fighter street fighter 2 is still a fantastic game that still plays wonderfully but why in the hell would you play SF2 over SF2 Turbo or SSF2:Turbo?

  24. I'm so glad they put Metroid 2 on the list. It's the game that made me fall in love with Metroid in the 80s

  25. I absolutely love Super Mario Land 2. it was a brilliant game that i got from my uncle a long time ago and i was so invested in it, that I managed to discover so many secrets on my own without the help of the internet.

  26. Mario: Six Golden Coins needs to be remade like Super Mario 3 got on the GBA.

  27. I never had Metroid II on Gameboy back in the day. But I bet it would have probably taken me two years to beat since it doesn't have a map and I'd just spend most of that time trying to figure out where to go. It's still tricky even having a nice detailed map online. I think Metroid on the NES was a lot easier to navigate since you had different colors and music for each section and they made each area look distinct. I really wish they had made another Metroid game on the NES using the Mario 3 chip.

  28. The last time I played Gargoyle's Quest legitimately was when my school started developing a special ed program. For doing our work we would be given a small amount of time to play on a few consoles the teacher had brought in. Among those was a gameboy color with a few selections of games, Gargoyle's Quest being one of them. Also Pokemon Red. I never really got into it much back then but I later wanted to give it another shot but I couldn't get it since that was years later. I got a rom of it but it played like crap on the emulator. Now that it's on NSO I'm gonna give it a shot, right after I finish Link's Awakening. I had Link's Awakening DX in my teenage years but it was stolen. I'm definitely enjoying my trip through memory lane.

  29. Game Boy was my first gaming system and I've been trying out all the different ways of playing the classics in HD for years. It's wonderful to finally have these officially supported on a Nintendo console after being locked to the 3DS because they were handhelds. I'm very excited to see what else they have in store. Kirby's Dreamland and Super Mario Land 2 and some of my all time favourites so I was thrilled they were included from the start. Also who can go past the OG Tetris? Love the different palette options on offer, love that it's available for everyone with Switch online and not just expansion pass people (like me).

  30. Tetris is perfect for the format, but def overhyped. I agree with a 7 or 8

  31. "Rob says Kirby is geared towards only very young players" — no he doesn't! He says Kirby's look could lead you to think that but it "does offer plenty of challenges for more experienced players".

  32. It's worth saying the GB was four shades of grey, not black and white

  33. I hope Capcom remakes Gargoyle's Quest like they did with Ghosts N' Goblins recently.

    Firebrand needs some love!

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