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15 Hunkiest Video Game Boys 2021-2022

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I believe it was The Weather Girls who once loudly declared that “it’s raining men”, and we can only assume that they were referring to all of the hunks of man meat that have appeared in video games over the last twelve months. There have been tall boys, short boys, skinny boys, muscly boys, and even metallic boys, but the important takeaway here is that, thanks to our favourite developers, we’ve gotten to feast our eyes on lots and lots of sexy boys. Ooft, just look at them, standing there and being all hunky. Don’t worry, last year’s winner, the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, still gets our engines hot, but we’re boys and girls with insatiable needs, and there’s some stiff competition for the top prize this year, let me tell you. Here are the 15 Hunkiest Video Game Boys 2021–2022.

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin) & Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude) & Ashton Matthews (@ScrambledAshton)
Script: Cat Elliot (@cat_elliott_)
Video Ciaran Henry (@CiaranHenry268)

#eFootball2022 #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy #MassEffect


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  1. Waluigi needs a restraining order from Peter..

  2. Garfield needs a restraining order from Ashton

  3. "Any hole is a Goa". Jesus Ben, that made me blush.

  4. I almost choked on my lasagne when I heard the Garfield cream pie gag.

  5. The writing is simply sublime for those salivating for some sausage

  6. You guys really meant it when you said to run the shower. This episode got sexy really fast lol

  7. See now that fair(now women can’t say that video games are sexist towards women only)

  8. CJ? Really? He can't even follow a damn train!

  9. Alf from Soulstorm was shafted here. 😂

  10. Unfortunately lists will be less frequent for the foreseeable future as writer Cat has now been sent to prison for her crimes

  11. Outstanding job from all involved with the making of this list but Peter really put his whole Austussy into his VO

  12. Triple Jump are the best thing about Valentine’s by miles

  13. I’d add Kagero Dunn from Scarlet Nexus. I fell pretty hard for him. He’s older than the other characters, he’s funny, he’s kinda a flirt, his mysterious past suggests he’s really a deeply caring guy with a lot of love to give, and he’s got great anime guy looks—not to mention a costume that gives a peek of his bare chest. Plus his power is invisibility, which the more you think about it is pretty hot. I kept thinking about how Kagero can give you a good, long hug and make you feel it for days.


    Best Triplejump video ever, the last Hunks one is second place.

  15. Someone get TP a saline drip, he must be completely dehydrated after all that thirst.

  16. You lost me around the time you started talking about fucking garfield. Won me right back with Garrus.

  17. TP!! OMG. The Waluigi was a bit much for me.

  18. Aogami from Shin Megami Tensei V should have been no 1. At least he's willing to FUSE with you!

  19. We need Ben and Peter to cameo in a game, than they can appear in this list whenever that game is released. >;)

  20. LMFAO WTF DID I JUST WATCH😂😂😂 this was great

  21. The writer had a lot of fun with Waluigi’s entry

  22. So Mona Wanks is a step too far but all this filth is above board

  23. This is the horniest video I’ve seen all year, including all the porn I’ve watched.

  24. It's long pole is called a shaft, complete missed opportunity

  25. Watching this at work.
    I knew it was a bad idea.

  26. Lol so many times I laughed "oh no" while watching this.

  27. The cream pie joke was a bit much for me.

  28. Austin produced the Mini Cooper, Peter Austin – that's a bit incestuous! 😳

  29. Amazing.
    Fin Fang Foom was particularly nasty and good.

  30. This is a really difficult choice. I like men who dress smartly, so Agent 47 and Waluigi definitely have an edge there. I've known Garfield for about 40 years but he's more of a dear old friend than a romantic interest. However, since I don't have a car of my own, I'd like a guy who can drive me to places and not complain about it, so the Mini Cooper definitely places high. Alduin probably has too many rough edges – I don't like bad boys, I want to have an old-fashioned gentleman. Leon Kennedy is good-looking, but since he probably always comes home covered in blood, the idea of all that laundry is a bit daunting. So, yes, the Mini Cooper is my favorite man here.

  31. Aye my Dad can attest to Daniel yelling "LOBSTAH!" – At the point of climax. He said it enhanced the experience and filled him with excitement, as well as fluids. Plus, he said it wasn't nearly as weird as the tall goth bloke who said "everything dies in the end" while they were in mid-coitus.

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