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10 Video Games That Are NOT Suitable For Kids (And Why!)

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There are many games that kids play that kids actually shouldn’t be playing. We list 10 video games that are not suitable for children due to violence, bad language, mature themes and inappropriate behaviour.

In this video, we explore the effects of video games on children, and how some games might have negative effects on kids’ everyday lives.
We also take a closer look into violent video games, mature-rated video games, shooter video games, fighting games, games that feature mature content, and games that may lead to children experiencing increased aggressive behaviour.

Parents need to be aware of the types of video games their children are playing – even if they are seemingly innocent. For example, Super Mario falls on this list. WHY?? Watch the video to find out!

Certain games are definitely not appropriate for kids under 16. Thus, parents should take precautions when deciding whether to purchase the game or not for their children, to avoid any harmful effects of such games on their kids.
What other games do you think aren’t appropriate for kids? Let us know in the comments below!


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