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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Old Game Boy Advance Could Do

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SECRETS OF THE GAME BOY ADVANCE. The sequel to Nintendo’s Game Boy and Game Boy Color provided a lot more than just improved graphics. See all the crazy things you could do with a GBA!

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Old Game Boy Advance Could Do.

What’s your favorite memory of the Game Boy Advance?
Did you like the regular version or the SP version better?

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The Game Boy Advance was great for playing a whole slew of Pokemon games like Ruby and Emerald, but the handheld console could do a lot more than just provide advanced gaming. Learn some of the crazy ways the original console and the upgraded SP console were used over the years and how it could still be used today.

The backlit screen and advanced graphics made the GBA an ideal console for watching television and a tuned TV could be connected directly to the device. On old Game Boys, multiplayer action required a long cable, but now, players could connect wirelessly thanks to a special Game Boy Advance adapter. GBA accessory packs allowed you to completely transform your device with magnified screens, special joysticks and all types of themes. Multiple companies discovered ways to transform the Game Boy Advance into a working GPS device although the releases never went fully mainstream. Watching content on the GBA became easier thanks to a special adapter which allowed you to play both movies and audio files. Really take in the sounds of your favorite games with the use of add-on speakers that would make it look like a small surround sound system for your handheld console. One of the more unique releases for the GameBoy Advance was the E-Reader. A card reading system used to unlock extras and gain full access to games. Some medical devices with working screens on them actually relied on the Game Boy Advance hardware to get running and help save lives. Watch to see all of these Game Boy Advance secrets and hidden features!


Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

Edited by: Dan Schiffmacher

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Pokemon Ruby Gameplay: (jakethehappysnake)

Zelda Minish Cap Gameplay: (Stink Terios)

Mario Party E gameplay: WizWar100


  1. Uhh wait so there is no mario oddesy on game boy advance

  2. A friend of my mind used a Gameboy SP to control his boost in his drag car lol

  3. Why is it that everyone hates this channel!? Its not that bad!

  4. Mario oddysey on a gba…
    If you think about using a tv card with AV in and using a Hdmi to AV then its possible

  5. This is so stupid has this man ever used anything he’s saying is “cool”.

  6. You know they dont know anything when he says "the speakers connect through the headphone port" and show a GBA SP when it DOESNT EVEN HAVE ONE

  7. Yeah, game boy advance can play super mario odyssey

  8. Video input on the gba ?

    So we can connect an n64 on its screen ?

  9. 1. it's okay but it be more low quality than watch on the tv itself.
    2. cool.
    3. hear that 3rd part device wasn't as good as they say it would.
    4. like #2.
    5. like #4 and 2, but at that time.
    6. it's good if you don't want to use a headset or earphones.
    7. that how amiibo was made.
    8. sound like they just used the screen instead.
    9. i always wanted to play all gameboy games on tv, with out using emulators on pc and etc.
    10. well, not officially.

  10. Did you know It can play BOTW as well?

  11. You mean the gba can play super mario odyssey?? WOW!

  12. Wait you forgot to say how to play Mario Odyssey on the gba! I watched the video several times at .25X Speed and I didn't see how to play Mario Odyssey on the gba. I am going to get a new phone, Because clearly mine is broken. Before I clicked on the video there was a picture of Mario Odyssey on the gba. Clearly there must be something wrong with my phone, thank you for helping me discover a bug.

  13. Oh hey I have one of those GBA compact flash movie players, they were awesome- I had episodes of family guy and NES games on my DS thanks to it, it was baller.

  14. I hate the touch scene features on handhelds.

  15. I have a gameboy advance so but I lost my charger where can I get a charger

  16. I would’ve imagine that the joystick accessory would’ve destroyed the D-pads aesthetics. Scratching it up and such.

  17. "Ten things you didn't know your the could do"

    But mine was made in 2010

  18. I was expecting Mario odyssey I HAVE BEEN DECEIVED

  19. Immediately hit dislike because of the thumbnail lol.

  20. Hmm, didn't know my GBA could play the case art for Super Mario Odyssey. I'll have to give that one a try

  21. Bru the thumbnail🤣😂🤣😂

  22. Too bad I don't have one :/

  23. 2ds xl should had a gba slot so i can do gba link

  24. 2:32 digital stick/joystick

    Its only an analog stick if it has analog input, which this accessory doesnt have

  25. Wow i didn't know i can play super mario odyssey on the gba

  26. Yeah this is just clickbaiting kids for views and money

  27. you totally forgot this accessory gameboy advance wormcam

  28. Thumbnail: Holy meatball sub from Subway! I can play Mario odyssey on my goddamn GBA

  29. Now we wish we had a handheld version of Super Mario Odyssey… 😎

  30. my gameboy advance is not old! is only . . . 19 years old . . .

  31. Turboxs sold a car ecu tuner that worked with the gba.

  32. The e-reader cards caught on?! Ha, yeah that’s a laugh. As if.

  33. But i only have a gba emulator not a real one 🙁

  34. Woah! I didn’t know my gba could play Mario Odessey!

  35. Wow! I didn’t know my game boy advance which Nintendo abandoned 13 years ago can play a hd graphic game which came out 5 years ago!

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