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Some potentially awesome games just never see the light of day. Here’s an updated list of some of our favorite canceled or missing video game projects.
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Deep Down


Starcraft Ghost

Battlefront 3:

Silent Hills:


  1. after the need for speed world server got closed, i had overhyped to the game called World of Speed. They just released the trailer, some gameplay and screenshots but never released the game

  2. The Getaway 3 for PS3. I remembered some people bashed GTA IV for the cancellation of Getaway 3. I was really looking forward to buying it.

  3. I was actually really upset that we didn't get Norman Reedus silent Hill.
    When the first trailer came out I mean damn it looked great

  4. Isn't Visage a fully developed Alison Road?

  5. an indy game called wight or project wight something like that.. where you were a vengeful cave wight who terrorizes and seeks vengeance against a human world who slaughtered your kind in a cave when you were a child. Game looked fucking amazing

  6. Anyone got a link for the thumbnail picture! God damn!

  7. Why isn't Star Citizen on this list? That is the #1 overhyped game in history that is never going to release. Seems worthy for this list.

  8. Cyberpunk wasn't broken for me on pc, played and only bug I seen was lip syncing.. people be trippin
    Cyberpunk is a great game

  9. To be clear, Disney took the crew off of Armada and MADE them work on Tron. Otherwise they would be fired or worse. Fuck Disney. They deserve all the hate they get.

  10. Prey 2, Battlefront 3 and Starcraft: Ghost were my wet dreams, I remember reading about Ghost on a gaming magazine lol i still have a couple of magazines

  11. Why is Metroid on here. It was only delayed…the first wasn’t over hyped since they only showed the title, and now it’s in the hands of the best suited dev…and it’s still only been 4 years. I fully expect it out by end of next year or summer 2023, which isn’t that bad after completely restarting. I actually respect the fact Nintendo would scrap it and start ver to make a gafans will like. Not sure if any other publishers would do that considering how much time and money was wasted.

  12. next one will be Hollow Knight : Silksong , probably~

  13. I've never been more disappointed than Starcraft: Ghost and Prey 2 being canceled.

  14. EA with battlefront 3 canceling something that would've earned them a shit ton of money? That's something you would never see from them now

  15. I ebayed it along with most of my other Blizzard swag when I was out of work for a while. But I used to have one of the holographic Blizzcon promo mouse-pads for Starcraft Ghost. While I was never a developer, Blizzard used to do these internal 'what are we doing' presentations & I got to see some assets and video that were never as far as I know released to the public for Ghost. I saw a few very early art assets for Titan, before Blizz cancelled that one too.

  16. Ohh wow IMAGINE CDPR released Cyberpunk 2077 as they did originally EXCEPT it had a multiplayer game mode WITH LOADS OF ADVERTISEMENTS AND MICRO-TRANSACTIONS. Just imagine because something tells me with how this game has gone down and how it just seemed like it was all about getting the money and not actually caring about a quality game so no doubt that’s how the multiplayer mode would have been.

  17. I remember Rockstar’s AGENT game…It sounded sooo dope like Mission Impossible meets James Bond Golden Eye meets GRAND THEFT AUTO.

  18. The getaway 3 that was going to be for the PS3 never released either 🙁

  19. 1:52 that bug is one of a few that happened to me when I tried the game. I hope it's been patched by now, as well as the cops doing Instant Transmission.

  20. If your paying 28 a month for auto insurance, then your crappy @$$ driving isnt gonna cover you when you hit my Tesla, which I dont own yet, then I sue your a$$ for every penny you make until you pay off about $80k-ish, seems logical.

  21. I read the book about starcraft ghost, it was a book they released to hype the game… so sad

  22. Multiplayer games have ruined so many games ….i could live without MP on 95% of games released ….MP seems to just be a cash grab to most companies

  23. That nova character looks cool AF. The model, animation and everything. Is that the one where they said you move five times faster than your enemies, in all the magazines? I was wondering what happened to that. The game I wish got released in Alice in Tokyo wonderland. Certainly doesn't look like a AAA game but it looks fun.

  24. Ohhh Amazon, an American company had contractual problems with TenCent, a Chinese company. That's not surprising at all -_-

  25. Deep Down was the SOLE reason that I traitored from Xbox to PS4 that generation and I'm still really salty about it

  26. Why was I thinking Cyberpunk should have been in here?

  27. This video got a thumbs up for mentioning The Boondock Saints <3

  28. "Really high quality, Blizzard-like cinematics"
    -Warcraft 3: Reforged has entered the conversation…

  29. The original Prey 2 looked cool, but the Prey we got is still one of my games of the generation.

  30. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms (MMO), announced 2012, studio making it got taken over in 2016, project was abandoned and license was used instead to create Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, which released in 2019 sigh

  31. Scalebound was the biggest for me. That game getting cancelled made me completely skip the xbox one.

  32. was hyped for prey2.. got the latest "prey" literally quit playing and uninstalled 1/4 way in.

  33. Atleast PT has inspired a whole industry worth of clones, with some true gems.

    Also, I fucking hate Stephen Colbert.

  34. Deep Down looked so goddamn promising. Basically Assassin's Creed Dark Souls with insane graphics. RIP in Peace.

  35. I swear that everyone I have forgot about Fable and how good it Actually was, especially as you progress watching your money/gold Pile up in your kingdom

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