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Some potentially awesome games just never see the light of day. Here’s an updated list of some of our favorite canceled or missing video game projects.
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Deep Down


Starcraft Ghost

Battlefront 3:

Silent Hills:


  1. I can not believe that LoTR got canceled. I have been so hyped for years since it was first mentioned! I haven't been that sad for ages…

  2. I’m actually Nintendo cares enough about quality games that they would totally scrap a version of one because it didn’t meet standards, despite that likely not being profitable

  3. I sooooooo wanted Starcraft Ghost. My first real disappointment on an upcoming game.

  4. "DEEP DOWN" I was sax when that game never release

  5. I'm still fingerscrossed for a remergence of star wars 1313

  6. I just wanna know where the thumbnail came from

  7. If I was a Pirate my name would be Madam dick snipper. Wear a necklace of foreskins

  8. Lately whenever I hear Disney I unlock INSTANT RAGE MODE FINISHER in real life

  9. Full throttle : Hell on Wheels. I am so disappointed that fell through, the original Full throttle was such a big part of my childhood gaming experience, and I was so hyped for the sequel.

  10. As close-ended as the recent prey was… I would love a prey 2. I actually love prey

  11. Ghost is the one that pissed me off when it was canceled

  12. HellRaid the First person Soulslike looked like skyrim with the dying light parkour/dismemberment mechanics. I was so hyped for that for so long, At the least we got part of it as a dlc for Dying Light but i feel like it had sooo much potential

  13. My personal hyped canceled game was star wars 1313 loved the idea of bounty hunter 3rd person RPG on curusant but ea had to cancel it.
    Btw anyone got info why?

  14. I still wish we would have gotten the sequel to Star Trek: Judgment Rites in the 90s. Have no idea what happened with that game. Those point and click Star Trek games were awesome! It was supposed to be a game set on Vulcan. We'll never know

  15. i don't think we will ever get a Metroid prime 4 it keeps getting delayed or pushed to the side like instead of working on Metroid prime 4 they made 2 other Metroid games.

  16. I was so let down and lied to. I got a PS4 solely to play Deep Down.

  17. I think that This is Vegas, Frame City Killer, Fear & Respect, Lmno, and Dirty Harry The Game and Taxi Driver the game come to mind

  18. Oh man I was so hyped for StarCraft: Ghost back then

  19. But Visage exists and it was inspired by PT doe

  20. Tetris 2 was canceled… it futured a 5 brick column

  21. Metroid prime 4 and bayonette 3. I still waiting for them.

  22. I have a feeling that beyond good and evil 2 is going to be on one of these videos some day.

  23. What about that pirate game from ubisoft?

  24. Sincerely hoping Wukong the black myth does not end up in a future rendition of this list

  25. It would be funny if even Cyberpunk would have enabled Mulitplayer 😂

  26. Still sore about Silent Hills. But I don’t care now if Konami decide to revive it. Without Kojima and Del Toro, it’ll likely be something different, and, knowing Konami, worse.

  27. Don't forget "The Order: 1886 Part 2" that game looked beautiful but they never finished the story started in part one! I am still holding out for the Prey 2 bounty hunter game!

  28. 11:55 – Thats Austria! Its our flag and the coats of arms at the entrance of the tunnel look like the coats of arms of one of our states!

  29. Is Prey 2 on this list?
    It should be. I still want that game…

  30. Megaman Legends 3, I still don't know the real reason Capcom cancelled the game development, is it really not profitable to develop?

  31. Cyberpunk needs to be completed soon or forgotten forever.

  32. not one of those resonated however there is nothing more frustrating when a title you are excited for evaporates. I have a feeling Beyond Good and Evil 2 falls into this category.

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