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10 Homebrew Virtual Boy Games

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The Virtual Boy is now 20. It was a flop, but people still like it. So much so that fans have made homebrew games for the system. Well, that and a few ports. I explore ten of these games. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello guys, help me download these homebrews.

  2. I hope Strong Bad Zone gets ported to the Virtual Boy

  3. It would be nice to see a homebrew dev really play with depth, since thats about all the VB has going for it. Like action and 3d tetris, but def not vertical force.

  4. What software do people use to make these games?

  5. Where do I buy that virtual boy street fighter?

  6. Thanks for the complement on the Grafix on Fishbone !

  7. Hyper Fighting is not Super Street Fighter 2, it's Street Fighter 2: Turbo. Super had the 4 new challengers, the VB game has just the original 8 and the 4 bosses.

  8. Is it compatible with the emulator (Rift and Vive), please?

  9. Suprised faceball 2000 remastered wasn't on here

  10. I’m waiting for someone to make a multiplayer game & get the link cable to work

  11. Of the ones in the video I like Fishbone the best. I have a flashboy and have played Fishbone and it's pretty good! Captain Sevilla doesn't have much to it it's just one screen it seems buy the character design is cool! I have yet to be able to find a working rom of the Super Mario game you have on the video tho!

  12. Next thing you know there goanna make CDI home brews. Lol

  13. First thought:
    Has anyone ever put Doom on this?

    Its been put on a printer, so it should be possible here.

  14. These are all pretty weak when it comes to the 3D effect.

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