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10 Homebrew Virtual Boy Games

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The Virtual Boy is now 20. It was a flop, but people still like it. So much so that fans have made homebrew games for the system. Well, that and a few ports. I explore ten of these games. Enjoy!

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  1. What software do people use to make these games?

  2. Where do I buy that virtual boy street fighter?

  3. Thanks for the complement on the Grafix on Fishbone !

  4. Hyper Fighting is not Super Street Fighter 2, it's Street Fighter 2: Turbo. Super had the 4 new challengers, the VB game has just the original 8 and the 4 bosses.

  5. Is it compatible with the emulator (Rift and Vive), please?

  6. Suprised faceball 2000 remastered wasn't on here

  7. I’m waiting for someone to make a multiplayer game & get the link cable to work

  8. Of the ones in the video I like Fishbone the best. I have a flashboy and have played Fishbone and it's pretty good! Captain Sevilla doesn't have much to it it's just one screen it seems buy the character design is cool! I have yet to be able to find a working rom of the Super Mario game you have on the video tho!

  9. Next thing you know there goanna make CDI home brews. Lol

  10. First thought:
    Has anyone ever put Doom on this?

    Its been put on a printer, so it should be possible here.

  11. These are all pretty weak when it comes to the 3D effect.

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