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10 Game Boy Rom Hacks & How To Use Them!

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Take a look at the best Rom Hacks I’ve found for the Game Boy!
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Have you ever been playing your favourite Gameboy games but wish they were better in some way? Wish Castlevanina was a bit faster? Wish the Mario Land games were in colour? Then you need… Rom Hacks!

A Rom Hack is basically a tweak to an existing game that has been made by a fan and uploaded online. They can be anything, from simple sprite swaps, to more complex hacks like full colour implementations, or in the case of the Pokemon games, entirely new games made using the original assets!

Colour Hacks
Mario Land 2 DX:
Metroid 2 DX:
Kirby’s Dream Land DX:
Mario Land DX:

Castlevania Speed Hacks
Castlevania 1: – didn’t work – re record?
Castlevania 2:
Castlevania Legends:

My Megaman 2 video:

Mega Man II Music Improvement: / Megaman Roll Sprite Swaps:

Tetris – Classic Harddrop:

Dragon Warrior I & II – Doubled:
Video Contents
00:00 Intro
00:57 Super Mario Land DX
01:22 Super Mario Land 2 DX
01:56 Kirby’s Dreamland DX
02:21 Metroid 2 DX
03:22 Castlevania Adventure Speed Hack
03:47 Castlevania Belmonts Revenge Speed hack
04:11 Castlevania Legends Speed Hack
04:36 Megaman II Music Fix
06:14 Tetris Hard Drop
06:51 Dragon Quest 1 & 2 Double Exp
07:53 How To Install Hacks
11:26 Conclusion

Music used:
Metroid 2 remix:

Castlevania bloody tears remix

Crash Man (Clash Spelling Remix) – Mega Man 2 GB / Rockman World 2

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  1. Love the speeding up the game as portables all rely on what percentage your console power is at. I'm all for getting through a game faster! This would make Dragon Quest so much fun! Double everything! Once again thanks for the Retro Break!

  2. You forgot about the tetris rosy retrospection romhack

  3. Acho esse canal incrivel deveria colocar CC em portugues do Brasil

  4. Subbed. Awesome channel mate! Link's New Awakening is a fun rom hack! If you haven't yet give it a try!

  5. Check out wario land 4 parallel world for gba , its an insane total conversion which lets u play the game as if its ur first playthrough . I genuinely think its a masterpiece…

  6. I appreciate how you show the patching process at the end for those that needed it, almost no rom hack vids included that.

  7. Wasn't aware of these hacks, cool! Especially the ones who fix the speed of the Castlevania games.

  8. the first patch i made was actually this week for an english version of "Daiva Story 6 – Imperial of Nirsartia". It is a mecha platformer / strategy / shooter on NES. playthrough here : https://youtu.be/7dPasgfz7VI
    I have never seen a game like this on NES before this one. Fun to play too.

  9. Derek's Reviews-Collectables,Toys,Watch,Tech,Games says:

    Very cool,seeing the new Kirby and Mario bros games made me feel like it’s a Brand new game and I went back in time and this is a current gen system the Gameboy.Awesome Thanks man,I look forward to seeing more vids from u like this,I think ur onto a winner here with this new line of series.😀

  10. I lost my ds, (rip) so Im getting a new one for christmas. My bday is soon after that so is it good to get a gba, gb or gbc?

  11. This channels exactly what I was looking for!

  12. 👏 Awesome video 👍 great tutorial also 👍 would Love to see examples of great NES hacks aswell

  13. The Hard Drop in Tetris is key! Great video!

  14. Nice video, hope someone make a double dragon 1+2 colour hack.

  15. I've been obsessed with my gameboy color and these hacks lately! Hoping that someday someone will do a full color hack of Donkey Kong 94, that would be a dream come true!

  16. Muy buen video!. Kirbi se ve muy bien coloreado, me alegra mucho haber descubierto tu canal. (Very good video !. Kirbi looks very well colored, I'm so glad I discovered your channel.)

  17. I was actually about to start playing the GBC ports of the Dragon Quest games, but was kind of dreading the grinding. I’m so glad I stumbled on this before I play the rom, thanks!

  18. Will game genie work for these PS the Tetris patch is different anyone know how to apply it

  19. The Everdrive for the GBA (especially the old model) is so BULKY compared to the EZ-Flash IV Omega X-D
    P.S. Great video, i will certainly check out those games 😉

  20. So if you apply a color patch to a non color(DMG) ROM you'll need to use something capable of running GBC? example: I use the DMG ROM of Super Mario Land2 6 Gol…., apply the color hack and run the file on a GBC or something similar?

  21. I had no idea this existed. It has been like 25 years since I played those Mario games. Just look amazing. You may have talked me into those Dragon Quest games as well. I believe you Brits would say CHEERS MATE!

  22. Yo what in the world is up with the bots in this comment section?

  23. You know what is really amazing? This video! Btw. love the progress bar at the bottom!

  24. it's amazing that the community still cares for their favorite titles from years ago

  25. I know it's not DX yet but try For the Frog the Bell Tolls. I thought it was great. I am getting a OSD Gameboy Color kit from Ali-Express and I ordered a USB Smartcard and a Touch Boy Rumble Dump Cartridge and am making a Legend of the River King 2 with rumble cartridge by changing the Cartridge type to 1EH with the gameboy ROM Analyzer on PC and fixing the header. I am doing Nushi Tsuri Adventure-Kite no Bouken as well with an English patch. I will put it on the USB Smartcard and Dump it to the Touch Boy Rumble Dump Cartridge. It only works on real gameboy color systems though.

  26. Nice content. Appreciate it! Was looking for some romhacks for my EZ Flash module. Cheers mate

  27. Your guide was super useful. Thank you.

  28. I'd consider these 10 romhacks that bring new life to gameboy games rather than flatout best hacks on gameboy ever

  29. You are seriously becoming one of my favorite youtubers. In the past I didn't have that much time to watch all your videos but now pretty often I binge watch a couple of episodes and leave the ads on for support 🙂

  30. I like your Gameboy content too 🙂

    It’s so cool they made a color Kirby. I knew about the Mario Land ones and they’re amazing

  31. Hello✌️
    Do you know more about the GB Rom hack tools?
    I'm looking for a certain Rom editor on the internet for Pokémon Green Version 1996.
    I want to change the screen title name for Pokemon Grüne Edition

  32. I find not editor software for Pokemon Green, blue, Red Editor for the title screen

  33. Which GB editor can I change the location mewtwo as MEW in Pokemon Green blue Red? Unfortunately, it does not work with Classic Maps and normal map editors. I cannot find the appropriate software on the Internet

  34. I remember downloading the “color file” to use with the gameboy rom, to give it color. In the late 90s it was.

  35. So glad I found your channel! Shame I didn't find it sooner. Those color mods are wild.

  36. The quality of the Kirby and Mario Land color hacks is on the same level as Nintendo's.

  37. Question btw gb Tetris: I remember tried a gb Tetris hack on the PSP where the gimmick is "zero gravity" when the you do hard drop on the pieces …
    Do exist the ROM hack to play it on GBA?

  38. They reallys hould have kept kirby grayish white in the DX version.. since Kirbo got his pink debut in the NES game "Kirby's adventure", and the original color scheme was gray/white as they had no idea at the time what color to make the Dreamland hero.

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