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10 Fun ESL Flashcard Games for Kids | Vocabulary Games

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In this video, I’m sharing 10 easy and fun flashcard games for your ESL classes. These games are most suitable for very young learners.


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  1. Why not practicing them so that to understand them better

  2. Nice how do you do that on zoom please assist me, the flash cards how do I flash them while on the screen like( zoom meeting)

  3. Hi everyone welcome to my channel. I have my new vidio.

  4. Nice, I always watching your videos. I've learned more teaching strategies from you.

  5. Hi! You are great! If you did more videos, it would be great! Can you tell me which app do you use to make the videos please? And another question please! What do you use for the background making the videos? Thank you! 😘

  6. one game is new for me,other i already tried

  7. First time watching your channel! Great job! 👍😀

  8. Upload more teach. Really love your videos 🌟

  9. I was searching for flashcards games and I came across your Channel. Very useful video to make fun of the classroom. Thanks a lot.

  10. Sometimes I get classes of 40 + kindergartners ..no TA and can't even explain some games to them and most kids won't be silent .. it's hard for real

  11. You know your awkward example at the beginning? 🥲😂 that was me in my first class with kids. I'm on a quest for tips and activities now. Thank you for uploading!

  12. I had apply all these games and my kids pretty enjoyed it

  13. Thank you . This is super helpful . You are super awesome 🤗

  14. What video program are you using to make your YouTube video?

  15. Thank you so much I have some classes I have kindergarten students .I have no idea to do some games but now with the example you show .I can try to do it .They like some songs or musical games or mime games .

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